Following the world trends of digitalization of banking, we present you a new service of Komercijalna banka intended for small business and entrepreneurship - KOmBANK BIZ

New WEB / mBank service KOmBANK BIZ is a WEB / mBank service for electronic banking intended for performing banking services online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere.

We have enabled the users of KOmBANK BIZ service to manage their accounts and perform payment transactions in a safe, fast and simple way, which will save them time, money and focus on the work and development of their business.

WEB E-bank and mBANK - KOmBANK BIZ services are primarily intended for:





Assembly of the buildings

Unions and union organizations

Small and medium enterprises


The advantages of WEB / mBank - KOmBANK BIZ service are:

Authorization of payment transactions by SMS / Otp with a one-time password or PIN code

Communication center - two-way communication with the Bank

Additional security - all payment transactions of KOmBANK BIZ solutions pass ANTIFRAUD control (control of the mechanism for detecting suspicious payment transactions and preventing abuse)

Overview of balance and turnover on dinar accounts in real time

Performing domestic payment operations

Ability to create orders with currency in advance

Printing and review of statements (KOmBANK BIZ Web)


Login to WEB E-bank KOmBANK service

Users can log in to the service in one of the following ways:

  1. Username and password
  2. Users who log in in this way confirm their payment by SMS / OTP with a one-time password, which is sent to the registered mobile phone number in the form of a free SMS message.

2. Qualified certificate

A qualified certificate issued by Halcom can be used as a means of verification-authentication of the new COMBANK BIZ service. Users who log in in this way confirm their payment with a PIN code.

You can access WEB E-bank KOmBANK BIZ application at the following link https://sme.kombank.com/ebank_kobb/auth/login


The mBank KOmBANK BIZ application is available for Android and iOS phones and the precondition for activating the mBank KOmBANK BIZ service is that the client has an active Web KOmBANK BIZ E-service.

Authorization of payment transactions is done with a PIN code.

How to become a user of WEB E-bank KOmBANK BIZ service?

You need to fill in the documentation at the nearest branch of the Bank and you will receive the access parameters within two working days. (User name to the registered e-mail address, and to the registered mobile phone number via SMS Password for activating the Web service. For mBank service you receive the Registration Code to the registered e-mail address and the activation code in the SMS message).


To activate the mobile application, you need to download the mBank KOmBANK BIZ application from the links below: