Visa Revolving Card

The most sophisticated form of banking intelligence

Visa credit card is an international card which can be used in the country and abroad for the payment of goods and services and cash withdrawals whereas holders of cards repay their debts exclusively in dinars irrespective of the place at which the transaction has been made.

Visa credit card is intended for the Bank’s clients who receive their salaries through current accounts held with Komercijalna Banka or have become the Bank’s clients by opening deposit accounts.

The card validity date is two years.

Favourable lending terms, simple procedure – repayment at your choice!

A card holder chooses the repayment manner: in cash, by standing order for the account held with the Bank, by money transfer from the account held with other bank, by electronic payment, whereas only the repayment date and minimum amount due for payment are defined by the Bank.
Visa revolving card enables you to dispose of funds up to the credit limit until the card expiry date!

There is exceptional flexibility in debt repayment and you can opt for one of three possible models – 5%, 10% or 20% per month. This, of course, will not prevent you from repaying more if you wish or can afford. It is possible to change repayment model in all outlets of the Bank. If you have not selected the repayment model initially, the Bank will automatically assign the repayment model of 5% per month.

Credit limit is automatically renewed with each debt repayment no matter in which way it has been executed, by standing order or personally.  

Visa Revolving Classic Card with Chip Module

On 5th March 2008, Komercijalna Banka AD Beograd started issuing Visa Revolving Classic cards with  chip module.

Cards which have chip modules enable their holders higher degree of protection when they are used, i.e., safer and quicker payment. When you buy or withdraw cash with this card, it is necessary to insert your PIN code whereas it is not necessary to sign a slip. However, if a shop does not have an adequate POS terminal which can accept chip card, a magnetic record on the card will be used for making a transaction and in that case, the holder will be obliged to sign a slip. Holders of chip cards will receive short information describing characteristics and instructions for use together with the card.

In this way, Komercijalna Banka AD Beograd has joined a small number of banks in the region which in a new, modern and primarily safer way has upgraded its operations with clients.  All this is aimed at only one thing to achieve maximum client satisfaction with the Bank’s services.

Credit flexibility makes VISA revolving payment card an attractive and popular way of payment.

Changes in the way of paying monthly obligations for holders of VISA CREDIT CARDS were made on 15th September 2007.              

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