Visa prepaid gift

We do not remember all the gifts that we have received in our lives. We remember only those gifts which have been given as a real token of care ...
Visa Prepaid Gift Card – is a present you will be long remembered by

For all important moments in life filled with joy, Komercijalna Banka offers a new product at the domestic market: VISA Electron Prepaid Gift Card which is a present with deposited money in the amount at your own choice. It is sufficient to choose one of four available options, pay specified amount, and you will get a gift by which you will be remembered for a long time. It does not matter whether a baby is born or it is someone’s birthday, whether a graduation from high school or university is in question or someone is getting married or retiring, whether it is a bonus for an employee or someone is joining the army or it is some other occasion - VISA Prepaid Gift Card is a present appropriate for all occasions.

Surprise your loved ones - treat yourself with VISA Electron Prepaid Gift Card of Komercijalna Banka!

Gift card is a surprising and always smart present and it will be remembered for various reasons:

  • A card will not contain printed name and surname of a card beneficiary. It will contain only card number, expiry date and serial number;
  • A buyer of a card does not have to be and usually is not a card beneficiary;
  • A card is internationally valid and all costs arising from the card use will be converted into dinars;
  • From the standpoint of a card beneficiary, it is a card which is free of charge;
  • Card validity date is two years ...

There are four different types of gift cards depending on the occasion:

  • Greetings with motifs of a  present (for universal purposes)
  • Greetings with motifs of a  teddy bear (for childbirth)
  • Greetings with motifs of birthday candles (for birthdays)
  • Greetings with motifs of a  floral bouquet (for weddings)

Additional information which you should know if you decide to give someone a gift card:

  • Gift cards are sold in the Banks’ branches;
  • A gift card is tied to a special purpose account which is debited for an amount corresponding to the value of each transaction;
  • Commission which is charged on the occasion of selling/buying a card is defined in the Bank’s Tariffs and its amount depends on the sum of funds deposited with the special purpose account tied to a card;
  • Minimum payment to a tied account is 2,000.00 dinars and maximum one is  15,000.00 dinars (consumption per  card is limited by the amount of money deposited with the tied account at the principle of  on-line authorization);
  • A number of cards which one person can buy is not restricted;
  • A card, i.e., tied account, cannot be topped up  (after initial deposit it is not possible to pay a new amount of money)

Be remembered by a gift everybody would like to get!

Information that you have to know as a Gift Card beneficiaryr:

  • Gift card can be used exclusively for the payment of goods and services at  POS terminals with a noticeable Visa Electron trademark;
  • A card cannot be used for cash withdrawals at ATMs and the Bank’s counters;
  • Car balance enquiries can be made at   the Bank’s ATMs and teller’s rooms;
  • Gift card cannot be used for Internet payments;
  • A card is activated when used for buying  and  automatically blocked (removed from the system) when all the money is spent and the account reduced to zero;
  • Additional cards are not issued.

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