Visa Platinum

It is time for Visa Platinum card!

Visa Platinum is prestigious, unique high quality card which belongs to the group of premium products. It is intended for those clients who have specific living and business habits, reputation in the society, high payment capacities, and frequent visits abroad...

In order to enable these clients meet their demanding requirements in a better and full-scale way, Komercijalna Banka has started with issuing Visa Platinum cards as the first and the only bank in Serbia.

By spending money you will lose only part of it!

Visa Platinum is internationally valid charge card which can be used for paying goods and services at POS terminals and for cash withdrawal at ATMs and banks counters, at all places where there is VISA logo indicated.

Functioning of the card is based on deferred payment in the period from 15 to 45 days without interest charges. All debts made in one month, a cardholder will pay on the 15th day of the next month.

Visa Platinum card has chip module which represents the state of the art way to protect data and at the same time it ensures maximum security.

By spending your time, you are losing part of your life!

Cardholders are supported by services providing information about available balance and made transactions via most modern interactive voice response systems and SMS notifications.

Privileges which you enjoy will enrich your life!

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