Visa MyTag / One&Only

Our unique product on the market: MyTag/One&Only  - Youth Card!

Our new product is primarily intended for young beneficiaries, but also to all other clients who feel young.
Make your children, grandchildren, relatives, friends and all your beloved people happy by giving them this enduring and practical gift! Bring them in the world of modern payment! Allow them to take responsibility for spending the entrusted money. Open them the space to receive money in any part of the world, when they need it the most! And to do so quickly, simply and safely, in an unlimited number of times.

Payments can be made in our outlets and via electronic bank from 00 to 24h, 365 days a year!

The card is an excellent option for use during the excursions, vacations, travel, but also for longer stays outside the place of residence, including overseas, and is particularly suitable for students.

It can be used for payment of goods and services at all selling locations in the country and abroad equipped with POS terminals, for cash payments at the ATMs and bank teller offices that have a logo of Visa Electron, as well as for the Internet payments!

The card is approved on the bases of a dedicated account opened by and adult person, but the card beneficiary would be the intended person, at the age of 14 of more.

It is issued at a three-year term, with one-time fee of only 500 RSD, without any additional membership fees or service costs during the entire three years!
When applying, either alone or upon consulting the beneficiary, you can use one of two available design options and name of the card: MyTag or One&Only.
Spending per card is limited by the available amount of funds paid. The use and satisfaction it brings are not limited by anything!

Discount on travel health insurance

Special offer for beneficiaries of Visa MyTag/One&Only cards is a discount on travel health insurance at all outlets of the Bank and to an unlimited times during the year:

  • For travels of up to 30 days, 20% discount
  • For travels exceeding 30 days, 25% discount

We recommend!

Free notification service about authorisation of the payment card via SMS service for the sake of preventing misuse More details >>>