Visa Business - charge

Visa Business card is the international card intended to business entities which have opened the current account with the Bank. The card can be used for payment of goods and services (entertainment expenses, hotel accommodation, travel expenses) in the country and abroad, for cash withdrawal in the country and abroad and for conducting internet transactions (hotel bookings, purchase of airline tickets and alike)

The card functions on the principle of deferred payment and access to funds is restricted by limits set at: the company’s level and at the level of individual Card user – the employee. Total limit of the company is determined on the basis of analysis of client’s solvency and the operating profit as per the latest annual account.

The company may be used an unlimited number of cards, whereby the sum of values of the individual limits must equal the limit of the company. Limits by the cards are automatically renewed on monthly basis.

Settlement of all liabilities incurred by use of the cards in the country and abroad, along with accompanying fees, is performed in RSD by activating the standing order on the 15th day in the month. Settlement of liabilities incurred by use of cards abroad is performed in RSD counter-value at Bank’s selling rate applicable for foreign currencies.

The users of Visa Business card are issued the travel & health insurance card, unless they already have such insurance on the basis of some other premium product

The Card user can, free of charge, collect in the Bank’s sub-branch the Offer and the Draft Text of the Agreement.
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