Trading on Stock Exchange

You can trade financial instruments that are quoted on organized market through authorized brokers only – authorized banks / investment companies.

Procedure for trading in financial instruments

First the client signs a Contract on opening and maintenance of financial instruments account, then opens special-purpose money accounts for trading and then signs an Agreement on provision of investment services.

After these procedures have been completed the client may submit trading orders directly or via the Kombank Trader application (Web online application) where all the important elements are defined, such as the identification of the financial instrument, price, quantity, duration of the order, market...

Prior to submitting the order to the information center of the market organizer, the broker checks whether the client has enough funds on his money account for the settlement of the client’s liabilities which might arise from the execution of the purchasing order and whether there are enough securities for sale in the financial instruments account. Kombank Trader performs this check automatically.

After the order has been executed, the broker submits to the client a certificate on realized purchase/sale of financial instruments.

Within three working days following the execution of the order (T+3), the financial instruments are transferred from the account of the seller to the account of the buyer and the money is transferred from the special-purpose money account of the buyer to the special-purpose money account of the seller. Kombank Trader Application enables its users to have their order executed within a day (intra day at T+ with netting positions). This means that if you have bought something during the day you can also sell it during the same day and likewise, if you have sold something during the day you may also buy something for that money on that very day.

Quoted financial instruments on the Belgrade Stock Exchange  

•    Prime listing
•    Standard listing 
•    Open market
•    MTP

We enable our clients to trade on all major stock-exchanges in the world. 


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