Top-up of pre paid mobile phones by payment cards

Top-up MT:S prepaid number with VISA or  DinaCard payment cards and win  GRATIS 10% of the top-up!

A new service of Komercijalna Banka for holders of VISA and DinaCard payment cards - top-up of mobile phones from the  MT:S network  by means of SMS.

SMS top-ups for mobile phones in the  VISA and  DinaCard systems is a comfortable solution which enables you to top-up a  prepaid account at any time and from every place in the amount at your own choice even when you are in  roaming!
Top-up of prepaid mobile phones can be carried out by both prepaid and postpaid users who are at the same time holders of VISA or DinaCard payment cards of the Bank.
In order to be able to use this service, it will be necessary to make a registration, i.e. fill in the “Application for using the service of mobile phones top-up by means of SMS for holders of VISA (DinaCard) payment cards” and give it to the Bank’s teller. From that moment and within the period from 48 to 72 hours, you will get by  SMS a so called  mPIN, i.e., the code which you will use in the future to confirm all transitions related to prepaid mobile phones top-ups.
mPIN should be carefully protected and not revealed to third parties.
The top-up procedure for  prepaid mobile phones is initiated by sending free of charge  SMS message to  a short number  8585  or in the below specified format:


Limits for this type of transaction are  4,000 RSD on a daily basis and 16,000 RSD on a monthly basis.
SMS for initiating a top-up request, as well as  SMS for confirming  a transaction are free of charge  and the whole amount which is charged to you by debiting  your account with the Bank  will be credited to the requested  prepaid mobile phone account.

Shortly, key advantages of this service are as follows:

  • Immediate mobile phone top-up!
  • There are no time and territorial limits – whenever you wish and from your own phone!
  • Automatic debit of your current account!
  • You will always be available!
  • You will always be able to use your mobile phone!
  • For all SMS top-ups in the network MT:S  until 31st December 2007, there is a prize – GRATIS TOP-UP IN THE AMOUNT OF  10% OF THE TOP-UP VALUE!