Retail clients

Who can open a current account with the Bank?

All retail clients – individuals who have:

  • Regular monthly inflow of funds based on salaries and pensions
  • Occasional cash inflow originating from Temporary Service Contract, personal payments, etc.
  • Cash inflow based on Contract for purchase of agricultural products


What documents does one need?

For employees:

  • Confirmation from your employer on a regular payment of wages to the Bank or the Contract on payment of wages entered into with the Bank by the employer;
  • A valid identification document

For pensioners:

  • Decision of a competent Fund on payment of pensions or pension check
  • A valid identification document

For farmers:
I - who register their farm for the first time

  • valid identification document 

II - with the registered farm

  • certification of registration in the Farm  Register
  • details of the structure of the farm - status
  • valid identification document  

For the persons that generate income on other grounds (Contract commissioning services, personal in-payments....):

  • Valid identification document


What benefits do we offer to the current account holders and persons authorized by their accounts

We provide:

  • Use of funds from the current account in any of the Bank’s outlets.    
  • Availability of the appropriate number of cheques for payment of goods or services, and cash payments in other banks and post offices
  • The possibility for the Bank to settle monthly obligations of the current account holder by standing order
  • Bank’s approval of the overdraft, at the current account holder’s request filed at the parent organisational unit, on the grounds of salary or pension, i.e. Contract on purchase of agricultural products, increased by 50%, upon signing the Agreement on Overdraft Approval
  • Obtaining of payment cards from the program of>
    • VISA
    • MASTER
    • DINA
  • Cash withdrawal at the ATMs  of the Bank, by debit and charge payment cards with no commission    
  • Payment of goods and services by cards, in all the facilities designated to receive cards, no fees
  • Account statements and payment of bills by funds on the current account via Internet – by use of WEB e-bank
  • Checking the account balance, inflows of income to the account and use of payment cards via cell phone – by use of SMS service
  • More favourable conditions of loan approval for the Bank’s clients.

How much does it cost to open a current account

The Bank does not charge a fee to open current account. 

What is the monthly fee for account maintenance?

Monthly basic current account maintenance fee that had changes in the past three months amounts to RSD 200.. The above-referred basic fee covers the use of additional bank services, web e-bank, sms, standing order, debit payment card.

Authorised persons 

Holder of the current account can transfer the right to dispose with the funds on the current account to another individual, at holder’s choice, and the person authorised gets the opportunity to acquire an additional credit card. 

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