Renting Safe Deposit Boxes

Komercijalna banka safe deposit boxes – custodians of your values!

Discretion, safety, security in keeping your valuables.

The most advanced technology that meets the highest international standards.

Your valuables will always be close at hand and safe.

Who can rent a safe deposit box?

  • Serbian and foreign individuals
  • Serbian and foreign legal entities

Use of safe deposit box

  • The user of safe deposit box signs a special agreement with the Bank, containing the terms and conditions of use. The agreement is made for a set period which cannot be shorter than a month. The safe can be operated personally or via one or several authorized persons. The safe is accessed during the working hours of the branch where it is housed.

Renting a safe deposit box

  • If the owner of the safe (Serbian or foreign individual) has a current account, a direct debit mandate form is signed when entering the agreement. Direct debit authorizes the Bank to debit the account for the amount of due monthly rent fee. However, if the client does not have a current account, they must deposit EUR 100.00 or equivalent amount in RSD at the middle NBS exchange rate on the date the deposit is paid, which is arranged in a special agreement with the Bank.
  • A safe deposit box can be rented to legal entities, but only to those that are clients of Komercijalna banka. A direct debit is not set up in this case and no deposit is paid. 

What can be kept in a safe deposit box?

  • Valuables, securities, documents, paintings, jewelry, etc.

What cannot be kept in a safe deposit box?

  • Inflammable and explosive material, that is, anything that may jeopardize the safety of other clients, Bank employees or premises or damage the safes and their contents.

Safe boxes rental fees may be amended once a year in order to adjust them to a rise in consumer prices from the previous year.

Other fees related to the rental of safe deposit boxes are fixed and are calculated according to the NBS middle exchange rate on the payment date.