Payment Operations

Over 90.000 pleased clients are inviting you to join them!

If you decide to conduct your business via e-banking of Komercijalna Banka, you can use the services of payment operations at prices lower up to 15% than regular!
Open a payment account in Komercijalna Banka!

You are in for the first-class banking support:

  • Impeccable dinar and foreign exchange liquidity;
  • Most diversely distributed network of branches and outlets in the country (23 branches and 204 outlets);
  • Top expert team for payment operations activities;
  • Complete technical and technological support for conducting payment operations in compliance with the principle "on line connection".

Komercijalna Banka’s payment operations shall enable you to:

  • Open one or more accounts in the Bank’s outlet of your choice;
  • Delivery of payment order in any of the Bank’s teller rooms;
  • Execution of order within the internal banking payment system in the moment of order’s delivery;
  • Inter-banking transfers immediately upon approval of funds on the Bank’s account;
  • Delivery of reports on changes on the account, by e-mail or in the Bank’s teller room;
  • Confidentiality of the account and funds one disposes with on the current account;
  • Opening and maintenance of escrow accounts – special purpose accounts for documentary control and monitoring of specific transactions.

Fundamental motto of our Bank is: quick, safe and efficient payment operations.