Payment Cards

Forget the cash and relax!

To all holders of current accounts either legal entities or physical persons, Komercijalna Banka offers a large number of debit, credit and charge cards from the national - DinaCard and international – Visa and MasterCard programmes.

Thanks to a variety of cards, you will always be able to choose the right payment card which will meet all your requirements.

Pay without cash in the country and abroad – modern, easy and safe!

The large business network of 205 outlets and more than 252 ATMs enable round the clock quick and easy access to your money often without any charges 7 days in a week and 365 days in a year.

The extensive variety of cards, the largest business and ATM networks, and the most favourable interest rates in relation to competitors will make each of your  preferences of payment cards in Komercijalna Banka – just the right choice!