Office iBank

OfficeBanking is a new, improved e-banking application for legal entities, supported on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Two versions of the Asseco OfficeBanking application are available to clients, depending on the specific business needs:

OfficeBanking Desktop - installation on one user’s computer. Suitable for companies that no longer have employees dealing with electronic payments.

OfficeBanking Enterprise - installation and operation on more than one computer, the ability for multiple users to use the application. Suitable for companies that have a larger volume of payments and the need for multiple signing of payment orders.

OfficeBanking applications offer a number of benefits:

Menu with the most frequently used functionalities - with just one click to create a transfer order, sign the order, review and print the last statement, exchange rate list.

Available information about the available balance on the account, each time you create an account.

With just one click, the ability to create an account with identical data according to a sent order.

Ability to print multiple statements from different accounts, any bank, with one click of the mouse. Convenient functionality for agencies.

Different authorization systems and privileges (within different signature models that can be defined by account - collective signature, for each authorized user per account can be defined upper limit for payment authorization. In addition to this basic model, a more advanced mix signature option is supported where for one authorized user can define a complex rule that includes the limit when the user signs independently and the limit when signing in a group).

Automatic download of data between the Bank and the client - the ability for the system to download changes and account balances without clicking in a certain time interval. Orders are not sent during automatic data exchange, and users are shown a notification at the bottom of the desktop.

Ability to define the order and name of accounts in the application according to customer needs.

Import pre-prepared orders of various formats - txt, xls, SAP.

Local user administration - creating users who will use the application without a card and who will have, for example, rights: create accounts, view and print statements.

Automatic application version update. The application upgrade is automatic and without user participation. Version checking is performed each time the application is launched again. The upgrade preserves a complete copy of the previous version to which it can be returned.

Condition for creating reports - the option for the client to create reports based on different search criteria (payment code, amount, invoice, customer name, value date, reference number…), export the result to excel, adjust the layout of the list.

Extension of the electronic banking card without coming to the bank.

The application’s user guide and help are navigation-oriented throughout the application.


For more information, visit the 24x7 website.


Asseco technical support telephone: 011 / 201-31-31