Money Transfer

Quick and easy...send and receive money from abroad!


Owing to the largest network of branches and a developed network of foreign correspondent banks, our bank offers a reliable and fast money transfers at home and abroad through foreign currency accounts of the bank’s clients.

If you want to receive funds to your FX account, or to send the funds in the country or abroad, you should contact the nearest bank’s outlet, where the staff will provide the necessary information about the transfer procedure, required documentation and tariff of fees.

Inflow of funds from abroad 

Inflow of funds from abroad (remittances) can be made from all the countries in the world. In order to receive funds from abroad you need to have an opened FX account in Komercijalna Banka and to the send the Inflow Instruction to the sender of funds, which is available in every bank’s outlet; you can generate one yourself by clicking here

Instruction includes all relevant information related to your bank account and allows a foreign bank to properly direct the funds. The funds received can be left on the account, withdrawn or deposited for saving, depending on your decision.


In line with the regulations of the Republic of Serbia, there is no limit referring to the inflow on the account, but in some cases, the client must provide a written statement regarding the inflow of funds and submit the necessary documentation. Concerning the inflows that require the additional documentation, bank’s staff will contact you within 24 hours and provide all necessary information.

Inflow of funds from abroad is subject to payment of fee in line with the valid bank’s tariff of fees, which  is:

Remittances (FX currency inflows service)

Term savings account (3, 6, 12, 24 and 36 months)

No fee  

Amount (counter-value) up to EUR 10.000,00


min. RSD 200,00

max. RSD 2.400,00

Amount (counter-value) exceeding EUR 10.000,00

0,30% max. RSD 16.000,00

Amount (counter-value) exceeding EUR 100.000,00

0,20% max. RSD 20.000.00

Based on: remuneration (basis 600) for business trip (basis 340)

No fee

Based on foreign pensions (basis 800)

Pensions from R.Hrvatska, BIH Federation, R.Montenegro and disability benefits from R.Srpske

No fee in line with the agreement

Pensions from the Republic of Germany                                      


Other foreign pensions


Inflows via Komercijalna Banka AD Budva and Komercijalna Banka AD Banja Luka

No fee

We reward you – free of charge receiving funds from abroad in foreign currency term deposits! 
If you wish to direct the funds to the FX term saving deposits, the bank will transfer the funds from  foreign currency account and relieve you from the inflow fee payment.

Outflow of funds to abroad

Send money to any destination abroad!

Sending money abroad through nostro remittances shall be made in accordance with the Law of FX Operations and related decisions and based on gifts, grants, inheritances, annuities, emigration abroad, payment of goods and services, personal transfer and the like. The client submits request for transfer of funds on a Remittance Order – Cheque Issue (download the form by clicking here / instructions / attach-IBAN countries).

Natural persons residents must in certain cases submit additional documentation required by the law in certain cases of transfers and payments to abroad (e.g. gift contract, decision on inheritance, proof of emigration, invoice, proof of dual citizenship, residence and work permit etc.).

Natural persons, non-residents can freely transfer funds on accounts held aboard, upon submitting the certificate of paid taxes to the Republic of Serbia. If it is a payment to abroad, the client should submit documentation related to the particular payment (contract, invoice etc.).

For transfers of FX funds to abroad the bank charges fees to the following amout:

Nostro remittances (FX outflows)

Outflow through nostro outgoing payments


min. RSD 1.000,00

max. RSD 30.000,00

Outflow through nostro outgoing payments in USD


min. RSD 600,00

max. RSD 30.000,00

Outflow in favour of the accounts of the clients of Komercijalna Banka  a.d Budva and Komercijalna Banka a.d Banja Luka

5 EUR fixed in RSD counter-value

For execution of remittances with OUR option, bank charges fee increaed by the cost of foreign banks:

  • in EUR amount up to 5.000,00
  • in other currencies of the equivalent amount (according to the middle exchange rate of the NBS) up to EUR 5.000,00

RSD 1.000,00

  • in EUR amount up to 25.000,00
  • in other currencies of the equivalent amount (according to the middle exchange rate of the NBS) up to EUR 25.000,00

RSD 1.700,00

  • in EUR amount up to 50.000,00
  • in other currencies of the equivalent amount (according to the middle exchange rate of the NBS) up to EUR 50.000,00

RSD 2.400,00

  • in EUR over EUR 50.000,00
  • in other currencies of the equivalent amount (at the middle exchange rate of the NBS) ove EUR 50.000,00

RSD 4.000,00

Transfer of FX funds in the Republic

Payment, collection and transfer of FX funds in the Republic of Serbia is carried out in line with the Law on FX Operations, based on sale and leasing of immovable property, payment of life insurance, deposit as a collateral, personal transfers or transfer to the accounts of family members. The bank’s client submits a written order for transfer and documents related to a particular transfer (contracts, policies, birth certificate, marriage certificate etc.).

For the transfers of FX funds I the Republic the bank charges a fee to the amout of:

Transfers of FX funds

The accounts of the same owner kept with the Bank

No fee


The account kept with other banks in the country


min. RSD 400,00

max. RSD 20.000,00


On the basis of Article 34 of the Law on FX Operations (sale and lease

of immovable property, life insurance premium) – accounts with the Bank

0,20% max. RSD 5.000,00

Based on the Article 34 of the Law on FX Operations (sale and lease

of immovable property, life insurance premium)- accounts with other banks

0,40% max. RSD 20.000,00

Based on equity, in foreign currency, of foreign entity – on the account

of legal entity kept in the bank

No fee