Micro business

Special offer of loan products for entrepreneurs, micro and small businesses!
Being aware of the importance of micro customers in a dynamic economic environment and business challenges they face every day, Komercijalna Banka has created a special offer of credit products for entrepreneurs, micro and small enterprises.


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Credit support is specifically tailored to the needs of this type of business, considering the specifics of certain segments, ranging from the everyday needs of current liquidity and relief from burden of monthly liabilities when it comes to the existing debts, in the form of refinancing loans for. The customers can dispose of beneficial credit line designed for business improvement and working capital, as well as a long-term investment loans to finance equipment purchases or construction of office space.
Loans to micro clients are available in several options with a 100% deposit, all of which are granted on beneficial terms, depending on the method and its repayment period,
Both customers of the bank and all other businesses and entrepreneurs registered on the territory of Serbia can submit applications for these loans, provided that they have a minimum of two-year active business, and at least one financial report.
In addition to the special offer of loan products, micro-business customers can use many other products and services of Komercijalna Banka.