Kombank mBank is a new, enhanced service which enables you to perform all financial transactions via your mobile phone at any time and place, in fast, easy and completely safe way.

Kombank mBank service offers you the following options:

  • To check the balance and turnover on your current accounts, your RSD and foreign currency savings accounts and your payment cards
  • To perform all types of cashless transactions
  • To create payment order with forward value date and to withdraw such order up to the very value date
  • To purchase /sell foreign currencies with the option to view all the performed transactions stored in the archive
  • To obtain the summary overview of fixed term savings accounts
  • To make transfers between all types of accounts /cards with respect to which the user is the authorised person /owner
  • To get the overview of unrealised cheques
  • To have available the overview of statements for your current accounts and payment cards, as well as the option of sending the selected statement to the reported e-mail address
  • To create a new order by copying the orders from the archive, as well as the option to filter the archive of orders by channel (web/mBank), description, amount...
  • To check all the loans that have been granted to the client by the Bank with all the supporting details
  • To top up the prepaid credit balance on mobile phone with all 3 mobile operators
  • To have available the overview of exchange rates for the selected day, by the currency, for the period, currency calculator and market exchange rate list
  • To receive messages /notifications from the Bank, and also to create and send the messages to the Bank
  • To have accessible the functionality of finding the nearest ATM, as well as the Bank’s branch in relation to user’s current location

Advantages of Kombank mBank service

Kombank mBank service is one of the most modern solutions of this kind in the banking market. Among numerous advantages this service provides to the users, the following should be particularly highlighted:

  • There is no time and space limitation (solution is available 24x7 from any place)
  • Works on all mobile network operators - Telenor, Telekom, VIP (it is entirely independent of mobile operator and the network you use)
  • Simple activation and utilization (extremely easy activation  and use, which made this service simple to use by all the Bank’s clients, regardless of their age)
  • Security
  • Speed

In order to become the user you are required to fill in /deliver:

Technical prerequisites

In order to use Kombank mBank service you must have a mobile phone on Android or iOS operating system and that you have access to the Internet.