You can hold the future in your hands right now!

Kombank mBank is a new service which enables you to carry out all types of financial transactions using your mobile phone, at any moment and at any place, in fast, simple and completely safe way.

Kombank mBank service offers you the following options:

  • To check balance and turnover on your current accounts, your RSD and foreign currency savings accounts and your payment cards
  • To perform all types of non-cash transactions
  • To make internal transfer of funds among RSD, FX accounts or cash securities trading accounts
  • To discharge liabilities on your payment cards
  • To perform exchange operations – purchase and sale of foreign currency
  • To gain access to exchange rate list

Advantages of Kombank mBank service

Kombank mBank service is one of the most modern solutions of this type on the banking market. Among numerous advantages this service provides to the users, the following should be particularly highlighted:

  • There is no time and space limitation (solution is available 24x7 from any place)
  • Works on all mobile network operators - Telenor, Telekom, VIP (it is completely independent of mobile operator and the network you use)
  • Simple activation and utilization (extremely easy activationand usage, which made this service simple to use by all the Bank’s clients, regardless of their age)
  • Security
  • Speed
  • Transactions are performed with no fees charged

In order to become the user you are required to fill in/deliver:

Technical prerequisites

In order to use Kombank mBank service there should be minimum technical prerequisites which almost every mobile phone meets, as follows:

  • Mobile phone that supports J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition) or mobile phone with Android OS, BlackBerry OS or iOS
  • 300 Kb of free memory on the phone
  • Access to the Internet from mobile phone