MasterCard Installment Card

As useful as cheques, but much easier to pay with

MasterCard Installment credit card of Komercijalna banka enables you to make payments in 6, 9 or 12 equal monthly installments. The card is designed to be used by all the creditworthy clients of Komercijalna banka who receive their salaries through the current accounts opened with the Bank.  Repayment model (and/or schedule) is determined by you at the time of submitting the card issuance application.  Each time you have an expenditure resulting from a transaction in which you used this card, such transaction shall be charged in accordance with the selected repayment model (and/or schedule), and in equal installments.

Maturity dates of such installments will depend on the date the relevant transaction is processed. The first installment is charged immediately, and the rest on the same date in the following 5, 8 or 11 months. After the Bank collects the amount due from the client (the installment amount), it promptly releases such amount for further usage/consumption. This card also grants you the grace period of 30 days for repayment of the first installment, interest-free, should you choose such option when applying for this card. MasterCard Installment card is equipped with a chip and you can use it for purchasing at POS terminals, for cash withdrawals at ATMs and bank counters, and also for Internet purchases.

Example of repayment for different number of installments:

Transaction amount

10.000,00 RSD

Number of installments




Amount of installment

1.741,67 RSD

1.191,11 RSD

915,83 RSD

MasterCard Installment card enables you interest-free payments in 3 to 6 equal monthly installments at the stores with which the Bank has concluded cooperation contract on interest-free installments-based sale. For more information on this, go to this this link  or call our Contact Center at number 0700 800 900.

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