Loans from the Credit Line of the Italian Government

Italian Government Credit Line


Loan beneficiaries

  1. Micro enterprises and entrepreneurs* (less than 10 employees with annual turnover up to EUR 2 million)
  2. Small and medium enterprises* (less than 250 employees with annual turnover up to EUR 50 million)
  3. Local public utility companies

*according EU standards, with residence in Serbiaand majority of privately owned capital

Loan purpose

Financing purchase of equipment, technologies, services, spare parts and industrial licences of Italian origine and from Italian suppliers;

Loan amount

In line with the creditworthiness,


  1. Micro enterprises and entrepreneurs:

min EUR 5.000,00 a max EUR 1.000.000,00;


  1. Small and medium enterprises:

min EUR 50.000,00 a max EUR 1.000.000,00;


  1. Local public utility companies:    

min EUR 150.000,00 a max EUR 2.000.000,00.



Effective interest rate

EKS 4,35% per annum

Loan repayment term

Up to 8 years (grace period included)

Grace period

Up to 2 years

Loan repayment



Minimum 70% of the loan amount shall be used to finance the purchase of goods and services from Italy;


Maximum 30% of the loan amount can be used for financing the accompanying costs and/or working funds in the country where supplier or contractors may be the companies from the Republic of Serbia;


Excluded financing concerns: financing of taxes, customs and VAT which are paid in the country, trade, leasing, insurance companies and financial institutions, activities in the field of entertainment, gambling and real estate, industry of armament and ammunition, industry of tobacco and tobacco trade and production of alcohol beverages.