KOMePAY – digital card

KOMePAY card is Visa Electron digital card installed on a mobile device (mobile phone or tablet), which enables you to perform contactless transactions at POS terminals and ATMs equipped with a contactless reader.


Contactless transactions are those transactions that are executed with no physical contact between KOMePAY card and POS terminals/ATMs.

In case of contactless transactions, when paying for goods/services by KOMePAY card, the User approaches the back of the mobile device on which KOMePAY card is installed to the reader for contactless payments, and/or approaches the back of the mobile device to the reader for contactless payments and enters his/her PIN, depending on transaction amount.

Maximum amount of transaction for which it is not necessary to enter the PIN is governed by the rules of payment card associations and it amounts to approximately USD 25 in equivalent of currency in which the payment is performed.

All readers for contactless payments have on them the following symbol:  Komercijalna banka ad Beograd


Transactions by KOMePAY card can be realised even if a mobile device has no internet connection, but it must have available payment credentials for realisation of transaction. Payment credentials are one-time security elements necessary for performing of each individual transaction.


Maximum number of payment credentials is 5, which implies that the User can perform maximum 5 transactions, after which it is necessary that mobile device with KOMePAY card establishes the internet connection in order for number of payment credentials to be updated on KOMePAY card. When mobile device establishes internet connection and there are 3 or less payment credentials that remained on mobile device, then the payment credentials will be automatically topped-up, or recharged up to maximum of 5 (no activities by the User are required). Payment credentials are valid for 5 days, meaning that if after that period of time the mobile device does not establish internet connection, the payment by KOMePAY card will not be able.


In order for client to become the user of KOMePAY card, he/she should have:

  1. Opened dinar account with the Bank,
  2. The latest version of mBank application
  3. Mobile device that:

3.1.     Functions on Android OS (version 4.4 – KitKat and more advanced),

3.2.     Has the NFC technology with option Tap&Pay.


The process of applying and installing is conducted in a few steps:

  1. Client files the Request for issuance of KOMePAY card via mBank application within the Digital Wallet.
  2. The Bank notifies the client on approval of KOMePAY card via mBank application.
  3. The client needs to come to the Bank’s branch for the purpose of signing the Contract and activating KOMePAY card.
  4. Once the Contract is signed, the client receives the codes (Card ID and Authorisation code) required for installing the KOMePAY card in Digital Wallet.
  5. The client enters the codes in part „KOMePAY digital wallet →Dodaj KOMePAY karticu’’/Add KOMePAY card“.
  6. If the codes are properly entered, the card will be installed and ready to use.


Prior to applying for KOMePAY card it is required that the User confirms that he/she has been introduced to the Rules of Issuing and Using the KOMePAY card.


Card ID and Authorisation code are the security codes necessary to install KOMePAY card at first use, in case of change of mobile device or reactivation of KOMePAY card. Card ID and Authorisation code are delivered to the User by the Bank upon identification and Contract signing. Card ID and Authorization code, once entered, can no longer be used. Card ID and Authorisation code are valid for 48 hours from the time they are generated. If not used within the indicated time period, the User should approach the Bank in order to receive the new ones.

There are no issuance costs, or membership costs for using the KOMePAY card. Other fees are governed by Tariff of Fees applicable for payment cards transactions.


Rules of Issuance and Use of Digital Card of Komercijalna Banka AD Beograd