KOMeKEŠ – send money

KOMeKEŠ is a modern service for simple and fast money transfer using Komercijalna banka’s mobile banking application.

KOMeKEŠ allows the clients who are private individuals to send and receive money simply and easily 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on all Komercijalna banka’s ATMs in the Republic of Serbia.


Advantages and benefits of using KOMeKEŠ service within Kombank application:


  • KOMeKEŠ allows all users of Komercijalna banka’s electronic or mobile application to send money via mobile phone from any part of the country or the world where there is an Internet connection, from a place that suits you best;
  • the application is quick, safe and simple to use;
  • to withdraw the money from an ATM, all you need is a mobile phone to receive the codes for withdrawing the money, in the form of an sms;
  • the money is immediately available at the nearest Kombank ATM and can be drawn within the next 48 hours;
  • application is in Serbian and English.