KOMeCENTAR - digital branch

KOMeCENTAR is a digital branch in line with the technological innovations and modern trends in banking. It provides the users with the opportunity to apply for a specific product and service via on-line service of Komercijalna banka, without having to go to a branch and wait in a line.


The users who are not the clients of Komercijalna banka can now become its customers by applying for opening one of the new current accounts in a few simple and fast steps on the Bank’s website. After the application has been processed and finalised and the current account opened, the users will then become the clients of Komercijalna banka and will continue to have the opportunity to submit other applications that are available through on-line service.


For processing and completing the application it is necessary for the user to choose a manner in which he wishes to sign the documentation. This may be the nearest branch office, courier service (no additional charges) or if he has the qualified certificate for electronic signature, by using digital signature.


Products and services of Komercijalna banka for which the user can apply and which can be realised via on-line service are as follows:

For all the above, the users have the support of KOMeCENTAR with which they can communicate by phone, by e-mail, chat and video conferences.


For the users that are accustomed to communicate with the banker at the branch, we recommend that they conduct a video conference with a team in the KOMeCENTAR and thus receive all the necessary information and instructions for successfully applying for certain products and services of the Bank.


The office hours of KOMeCENTAR are from 09 to 21 hours on working days and on Saturdays from 09 to 16 hours.


E-mail address of KOMeCENTAR for communication with clients is komecentar@kombank.com, while the phone number is 19939.


User Instructions for KOMeCENTAR

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