Kombank trader

Kombank Trader is a modern web application for on line submitting of orders for trading with securities quoted on Belgrade Stock Exchange. The application was entirely developed by the experts of  Komercijalna banka, aimed to enable the clients individuals and legal entities a simple and easy delivery of orders for trading, every day in a year, from 00:00 until 24:00 hours.

Kombank Trader – Advantages and Conveniences of Using the Application

  • Fast and easy forwarding of orders for purchase and sale of securities by computer, from any part of the country or the world where the Internet connection is available and from the place that is most convenient for you;
  • Exceptionally favorable fees;
  • Fast contract conclusion for using the application, through the wide network of sub-branches of Komercijalna banka
  • For all types of orders the user has the access to printing the certificate in PDF format;
  • Bilingualism of application – Serbian and English language;
  • Automatic checkup of balance of money and securities, which eliminates errors in delivering orders for trading;
  • Netting od securities and money on T+0 – enables the user to issue during the same day (intraday) the orders to trade with securities and money out of transactions realized on that same day (does not wait for netting on standard T+3);
  • Possibility of issuing stop-limit order;
  • Possibility of activating ’’alarm’’ and receipt of SMS or e-mail message in line with the given price criteria for an individual security;
  • In entire application, with each service, there is an option of providing help to the user.

Kombank Trader also enables:

  • Access to movement in prices of securities on Belgrade Stock Exchange, both in real time and in given date segment;
  • Access to 10 best offers for purchase and sale in real time (’’depth of financial market’’);
  • Access to total supply and demand as per chosen security;
  • Access to scope of trading for the chosen security;
  • Trend of price movement for the chosen security;
  • Overview of your portfolio value as per current market prices (the last completed trade day), average price, price at profitability point, rate of return and the overview of realized sales (gain/loss);
  • Updated status of the order;
  • Prompt order processing.

By continuous enhancement and improvement of the application we shall extend the new, additional advantages to you.

Kombank Trader –how to become the application user

*If you have in Komercijalna banka:

  • Opened current account;
  • Opened proprietary securities account;
  • Opened earmarked money accounts for securities trading;
  • Service Web E-bank;
  • Concluded contract on brokerage in purchase and sale of securities.

*required conditions

By simply filling out the standardized Request for Using the Application, which is available in all sub-branches of Komercijalna banka or in the Broker-Dealer Operations Department, the Bank’s employees will promptly enable you to become the Kombank Trader user.

For all additional information please refer to Contact center on phone numbers: 0700 800 900 and 011 20 18 600 or to e-mail address: brokeri@kombank.com


Makedonska 29, 11000 Beograd 
Tel: 011 33 39 031, 011 33 39 033
Fax: 011 33 39 157 
e-mail: brokeri@kombank.com