Kombank Klasik Set

Kombank Klasik Set is the Bank’s package of products and services intended only for pensioners.


Services and products within Kombank Aktiv set are the following:

• current account,

• foreign currency account,

• debit card(Visa PayWave),

• electronic services (eBank, mBank, SMS) and

• standing orders.






  • Insurance of property (insurance of apartment / house against the fire, explosion, lightning, storm and hail) includes the insurance of residential building with permanent residents at the address indicated in Statement on joining the insurance plan.
  • Health insurance in case of surgical procedures – covering more than 2.000 different surgical procedures.

During each year of the insurance period (12 months period), the fee can be disbursed for multiple surgeries on different organs, but maximum up to 100% of the sum insured.



  • approval period up to 24 months,
  • 1p.p. lower interest rate than offered in Kombank Aktiv Set (27,75%).


More favourable exchange rate for purchase and sale of foreign currencies:

Users of Kombank Klasik Set have the possibility to purchase and sell EURO via e-bank at the most favourable exchange rate in the market.


Cards allowing deferred payment:



Issuance of the first 5 cheques with no fee charged.



Cash loan for pensioners – without fee for disbursement /approval of loan.