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Komercijalna banka has provided an opportunity for many young and talented authors to present themselves  to art lovers and to display their first exhibitions in the gallery space at Politika Square 1. Out of 98 exhibitions, which were organized during the seven-year period, about sixty of them were enabled in cooperation with the professors and the students of the Belgrade Faculty of Applied Arts, while the others have been organized  by already  well-known domestic and foreign artists.


10.01 – 24.01.2019 Mini Nude

The exhibition “Mini Nude” is the result of the competition organized by the Association of Artists and Art Lovers “Wide Path” from Zemun. As many as 120 artists from all over the world participated in the competition with works inspired by male and female nudes. The jury of experts selected 51 works for this exhibition. Artists whose works are shown at the exhibition come from Serbia, Bulgaria, Nepal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Japan, Slovenia, Cyprus and Montenegro. 

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13.12.2018 – 08.01.2019 FotoAnimaGraf – Exhibition of the works of students of the Faculty of Applied Art

Exhibition of select works of students of the Faculty of Applied Art, created in the teaching process over the past ten years, is entitled “FotoAnimaGraf”, after the names of modules in the Applied Graphics Department: photography, animation and graphics and books. With its resemblance to the actual device, the title of the exhibition “FotoAnimaGraf” aims at presenting the structure of the Department and the syllabus of all three modules as basic teaching units in the Department that are related and characterized by interdisciplinary intertwining and synergy. That is why this exhibition features works grouped by subjects that are native to the field of graphics: graphics, illustration, letter, typography, book graphics, animation, studio photography, creative and documentary photography, projection of shapes, drawing and painting.

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07.12 – 12.12.2018 “7 Artists, 1 Exhibition, 7 Expressions“ – Exhibition of the works of professors from Anadolu University in Turkey

The exhibition is part of cultural cooperation between the two institutions of national importance in Serbia and Turkey (Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade and Anadolu University from Eskişehir), starting a cultural dialogue and inviting to an exchange of ideas and art projects by professors and students. The works from this exhibition were shown in Skopje last year, and after Belgrade the exhibition moves to Sarajevo. The exhibition shows the works of artists and professors of Anadolu University: Ahmet Cüneyt Er, Çiğdem Önder Er and Ercan Dural (ceramics), Mehtap Uygungöz, Levent Uygungöz, Emin Bakan and Esra Albayrak Bakan (graphics and calligraphy).

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14.11 – 05.12.2018 Concepts, exhibition of works by the students of the Faculty of Applied Arts

The exposed works are designer studies that exceed the limits of what is standard and expected, push the boundaries and question traditional thinking. The presented projects are based on detailed research of the users’ real needs. They are designed to make the objects more accessible and to enrich the experience of using everyday objects.

“Concepts” are inspired by new technologies and modern tendencies in design and are a vision of future as seen through the eyes of young artists. The common traits of all presented works are inventiveness, uninhibited creativity and a daring approach to creation.

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15.10 – 02.11.2018. Innovation as a challenge, an exhibition of works by students of the Faculty of Applied Arts

At the exhibition "Innovation as a Challenge", the students of the Faculty of Applied Arts from the Scene Costume Module showed creativity and innovation in making costumes for the scene. At this exhibition the department is  represented by the selected student works at all levels of study. The exhibition is an indication of the strong creativity of students, which is based precisely on the freedom of approach in the costume design process, where the innovation is set up as an initial driver that provokes the creating process.

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17.09 – 09-10.2018 "Fine art research in ceramics“, Exhibition of works by students of the Faculty of Applied Arts

At the exhibition "Fine art research in ceramics", students from the second year of the basic studies from the Department of Ceramics exhibit their works: Tamara Vasović, Mia Ugrenović, Ana Milinović, Jovana Jankovic, Marija Pucarevic Stijovic, Natalija Tejić, Una Stojanovic and students of Master Academic Studies of Unique Ceramics: Matija Krstić, Milica Petrović, Ana Bičenko, Danijela Pajović and Igor Lakić.

Selection of works was carried out by Ljubica Jocić Knežević, PhD, assistant professor at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade and mentor of these students.

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29.08 – 16.09.2018 Exhibition of photographs “Studies of a Nude” by Dragana Antonić, MSc

Exhibition of photographs “Studies of a Nude” by Dragana Antonić, MSc from Sarajevo was staged in cooperation with the Faculty of Applied Arts from Belgrade and the Arts Academy in Sarajevo.

The artist presents the theme of a nude from both artistic and spiritual aspect to counteract the trend of banality and vulgarization of human, primarily woman’s body, that is typical of contemporary culture.

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05.07 – 26.07.2018 “Belgrade Stories” – Exhibition of photographs by a Facebook group “My Belgrade has a soul”

An author Momo Kapor once said that Belgrade doesn’t like to pose for a photo. It wriggles and always comes out as some other place in a photo. Photos made by a Facebook group “My Belgrade has a soul” shows what Belgrade is like. It is a newly-opened exhibition of photos titled “Belgrade Stories” and displays 66 stories illustrated with photos made by 23 photographers.

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21.06 – 03.07.2018 Exhibition of works made by the students of the secondary school Tehnoart Beograd

Final year students and students of art departments in the secondary school Tehnoart Beograd exhibited the works they had made during the recently completed, successful school year 2017/2018. Works of the following art departments were presented: store sign painter/calligrapher, conservator-restorer, jeweler, potter, tailor and engraver...

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23.05 – 10.06.2018 “Life of Origin”

At the “Life of Origin” exhibition the young restaurateurs and conservators represent all the complexity and the beauty of restaurateurs and conservators’ vocation as multidisciplinary and inter-professional activity that combines the artistic and manual skills, as well as scientific precision. The exhibition consists of works presenting specific conservation and restoration interventions on original works of art: canvass, wall paintings, sculptures, ceramics and works of art on paper.

The exhibitors are the students of the master studies in the study program of Conservation and Restoration, at the Faculty of Applied Arts.  The exhibition best illustrates the results of the process of the education of young professional staff, who will in the future be engaged in protection and preservation of the cultural-historical and artistic heritage.

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27.04 – 20.05.2018 „New motives in Applied Painting“

 The exhibition „New motives in Applied Painting“ comprises of the works of the three students of master studies majoring in Applied Painting, Veljko Vučković, Bojan Radišić and Željana Stojanović. The mentor is the associate professor Nikola Božović. Through their artworks the young artists introduce into the art the new ideas and new perspectives, their creative production is different, as are their different works, but through new motifs and „situations“ shown by their paintings we can follow the manner in which the painting changes.

„Veljko Vučković paints retro-historical portraits with totalitarian patterns in his perception of psychology of characters and existential situations in which the same find themselves. The colours are reduced, adjusted to melancholic atmosphere and the composition of the picture. Bojan Radišić takes ready, currently presented visual content from contemporary media space. The templates are intentionally separated and presented through a black and white filter. The artistic concept of Željana Stojanović is entirely different in its artistic nature in comparison to two previously mentioned authors. The works are collages, formed of elements of intense colouring. Recycling as the basis of creative process, is present in the process of making collage, but the plasticity, shine and deliberate rusticity in treatment of the materials, give them that extraordinary freshness and expressiveness “, said Marko Lađušić, a full time professor at the Faculty of Applied Arts.

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04/03 - 04/24/2018 "Design for a Better City", an exhibition of works created by students of the Faculty of Applied Arts

The exhibition "Design for a Better City" deals with the design of urban space. Exhibited works were created on the third and fourth year of basic studies, as well as master studies, majors Urban Design and Urban Interaction, under the mentorship of the assistant professor Biljana Branković, in the period from 2014 to 2018. Through spatial displays, technical drawings and models, the selected works create an image of the way to think about urban space. Pavilions, spatial artistic interventions in the public space, urban modules, interactive installations - some of the topics these students deal with, searching for space of their own artistic expression and the way to improve the city environment with their own interventions.

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14.03 – 01.04.2018 Lazar Dimitrijević: „Calligraphy in an epic fantasy work Game of Thrones”

George Martin’s piece Game of Thrones and its screening inspired an artist from Kragujevac Lazar Dimitrijević to immortalize the most famous quotes of the characters from this piece in the his works presented at the exhibition entitled „Calligraphy in an epic fantasy work Game of Thrones”. The exhibition consists of 23 works made using a steel quill, a brush and Indian ink.

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14.02 – 09.03.2018 Nikola Zaklan: Drawings and Paintings

By drawing with white pencil on black paper, the  academic painter and versatile artist Nikola Zaklan presents to Belgrade art audience his black and white world, the world of fantasy stories between dreams and reality. In addition to black-white drawings, the exhibition in KomBank Art Hall also includes the paintings with the author’s favourite themes – lighthouse, sailors, water, sky, animals…

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10.01 – 09.02.2018 Mini Act

The exhibition organized in cooperation with the “Wild Trail” Association from Zemun, includes 41 works selected by the jury at the International ‘Mini Act” contest. The contest was attended by 110 artists from 8 countries, and the artists whose works were selected come from Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Russia, Nepal, China and Japan. Participants in the competition had to adhere to the title theme – mini act and to format 19x19cm.

„They are all the major authors, they come from different countries and from other continents solely wishing to demonstrate how sovereign they are and also to contribute to this prestige art event. Countless times they proved to be excellent, and their works testify to the sumptuous range of their own expressive capabilities and they have a distinctive drawing reflex“, said, at the opening of the exhibition, the art historian Haira Jakovljević, one of the jury members.

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20.12.2017 – 07.01.2018 “Inscription in stone, exhibition of Tatjana Vojnov’s mosaics

By the mosaics from the cycle „Inscription in stone“ the author Tatjana Tanja Vojnov materialises the abstract concepts of emotional and mental state and displays their subjective experience. The exhibited works are made up of several separate entities. Each entity can be viewed individually and all entities together develop a story that follows the author’s sensibility and bear a personal touch. The material from which the mosaics are made is a natural stone. The natural state of the material chosen to make up the mosaic, as well as the choice of the theme itself, suggest the presence of symbolism in visual expression, and multidimensionality of the work has been achieved by introducing the three-dimensional (relief/embossed) image of individual segments and their selected arrangement.

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28.11 – 17.12.2017 „My life in Athens“ – Photo exhibition by Miloš Bičanski

The exhibition of photographs of our multi-award-winning photographer Miloš Bičanski entitled ’’My life in Athens’’ was presented at the ’’Visualization’’ photo festival. By this exhibition, the photographer of international reputation who lives and works in Greece, Miloš Bičanski, wanted to draw attention to difficult situation in which presently the Greek people find themselves. Besides economic and political crisis, this country has also been hit by migrant crisis and many citizens are losing hope in better tomorrow, while young and educated residents are looking for a way to leave the country. Their story has been told through the photos displayed at this exhibition. 

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05.10 – 05.11.2017 Jelena V. Atanasijević: “Novem Quadratorum”

Exhibition entitled “Novem Quadratorum” presents the development of architectural thought from the Renaissance to the 20th century. The exhibition is designed by the architect Jelena Atanasijević, PhD who analyses the works of great architects Andrea Palladio, Vincenzo Scamozzi, Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Meier and Aldo Rossi through nine boards. During the scientific-artistic research for her PhD thesis entitled “ Proportions in Aesthetic Perception of Classical Architecture of the 20th Century” the author of the works has arrived at the conclusion that there is a common thread in the development of the aesthetics of architectural compositions that runs from antiquity to modern architecture.

“Fibonacci aesthetics, the principle of adopting a geometric form, quadrature and triangulature systems have produced harmony and high aesthetic value of architectural sets and parts of the subwhole by applying the same/similar modular coordination principles”, explains the author.

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04.09 – 02.10.2017 Design Thinking

The exhibited works of students (of all years) show designer solutions for a wide range of products and objects, such as cars, trains, household appliances, medical equipment, orthopaedic aids, etc. Different areas of product design have been covered, starting from the analysis of form, ergonomics, structure and functionality of implements. Visitors may follow the designer’s thought as it develops, through drawings, in innovative concepts based on realistic needs. A complex theme of industrial design is perfected and elaborated where the final tasks allow students freedom to further explore and confirm their creative potential. The exhibition shows creative thinking of young designers who are trying to instil life in everyday objects through analytical and aesthetic expression.

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21.06 – 24.07.2017 „Industrial Knitwear”

The exhibited drawings, projects and knitwear that were manufactured in the production halls of local knitwear factories were part of the curriculum for the subject Design of Woven Textile that is related to the design of decorative and wearable Jacquard knitwear and were made in the period between 2000 and 2016. This subject was taught by  MSc Gordana Ćirić Krstić, associate professor at the Faculty of Applied Arts and MSc Zlatko Cvetković, assistant professor at the same faculty. Exhibits were made by: Marija Marinković, Ljubinka Mitrović, Maja Jakšić, Slavica Vještica, Ana Čabrilo, Marina Krupniković, Senka Kovačević, Milica Marinković, Nevenka Šmitran and Julijana Mićić.

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05.06 – 18.08.2017 Gerardo Vargas Frias: Serigrafia y Litografia

Mexican artist Gerardo Vargas was a draftsman, printmaker and illustrator, and at the exhibition in Belgrade he is presenting his lithographs and serigraphs, as the title of the exhibition says. His paintings and illustrations are associated with ecology, culture, humour, love, a theme often touched the worlds of Jules Verne, Lewis Carroll and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

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24.05 – 01.06.2017 Emilia Gonzales, Norberto de la Torre, Predrag Todorović: “Coyoacan in Serbia”

Exhibition “Coyoacan in Serbia” presents to Belgrade audience the richness of themes and colours typical of Mexican aquarelles. The exhibition features Emilija Gonzales and Norberto de la Tore from Mexico and Predrag Todorović from Serbia. This unusual artistic and friendly mixture shows that art knows no nationality. Apart from inspiring and expressing thoughts and feelings, art also connects people and unites them.

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09.05 – 21.05.2017 Irena Jovanović: “The dream of the landscape”

The exhibition “The dream of the landscape” of Irena Jovanović, a versatile artist from Zaječar, is inspired by nature. The theme of the exhibition are landscapes painted in a studio in the aquarelle technique, as a concise and visually transposed art impression of the landscapes. „This watercolour exhibition was created easily, as a story that flows, as the colour, which with water, drips exactly where it should. Landscapes and nature are my great inspiration and the energy that fills me up; it starts flowing from me and then overflows through the brush onto the paper... It is a pleasure to play with visual art elements and also a surprise when something new and interesting appears on paper, some coincidences that result from technique and the choice of material and a way I apply them... It is an endless game that aspires from realistic forms  to abstract ones, a new imagination that is continually being re-born...“ says the artist. 

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25.04 – 07.05.2017 – Exhibition of the works by students of the Faculty of design in Slovenia
Creators of the exhibition of clothing items made from waste materials from a tyre factory in Slovenia are students of fashion at the Faculty of Design, which is an associate member of the University of Primorska: Suzana Bičanič, Erika Krašovec, Neža Plestenjak, Veronika Pečar, Estera Rezar, Natalija Krašovec, Natalija Lesjak, Tina Zonta, Tina Vraneš, Mateja Lukač and Klavdija Kolman. The exhibited clothing items were created under the tutorship of the teachers from this faculty, Tanja Devetak and Mateja Benedetti, and are a result of the students’ analytical approach. They simultaneously developed technology for processing material and looked for new construction methods and harmonic art composition of the newly created structures.
The exhibition was opened by the Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia Mateja Norčič Štamcar.


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11.04 – 23.04.2017 Fashion Sketches

Exhibition “Fashion Sketches” shows the works made in the period between 2002 and 2017 in undergraduate and master studies of the Contemporary Clothing Module at the Faculty of Applied Arts. Teachers were professors Zora Popović, who taught the subjects Clothing 1 and 2 and Ingrid Huljev who taught Contemporary Clothing and Contemporary Clothing – Fashion Accessories.

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22.03 – 09.04.2014 Track Light

Drawings, paintings and projects with a light and space play make the exhibition which opened in KomBank Art hall called "Track Light". The exhibited works belong to the young artist Isidora Ristovska, student from the Faculty of Applied Arts, Department Interior Design and Furniture. Danilo Stojanović, a professor on the department of the interior design and furniture, proposed that Isidora held a solo exhibition, which speaks of the artistic potential of this young designer.

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01.03. – 20.03. My Joy – exhibition of paintings by students of the Faculty of Applied Arts

Students of the Faculty of Applied Arts: Bojan Radišić, Veljko Vučković, Branislav Šošić, Lea Embeli, Barbara Đokić, Marija Boljević, Nevena Crnogorac, Miljana Nikolić, Željana Stojanović, Viktor Šalipur and Janko Mitrović presented to the public their works made at the Department of Applied Painting, under the mentorship of the associate professor Nikola Božović.

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14.02 – 27.02.2017 Visual identification

Mexican embassy has invited the students of the Faculty of Applied Arts to send in their contributions to the competition for a logo design that will stand for friendship, respect, solidarity, cooperation and joint effort in developing peaceful and fruitful relations to the benefit of the people of Mexico, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia. Works presented in the exhibition are a result of that competition and a result of the process of creating a design that will mark the anniversary of diplomatic relations between Mexico and Serbia (70 years), Mexico and Macedonia (15 years) and Mexico and Montenegro (10 years).

The exhibition was opened by the Mexican ambassador Marko Antonio Garsia Blanko who thanked the students and commended their enthusiasm and talent. At the opening of the exhibition, the ambassador, together with the Macedonian ambassador Vera Jovanovska Tipko,  presented special awards to the winners of the competition Jovana Jocić and Jovana Janković.

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18.01– 06.02 Nina Savčić: “Elements” - Exhibition of aquarelle

Nature is a motive on all the exhibited watercolor paintings. Special attention was given to the atmosphere, reflections in the water, to the sky, which often takes half the size of a painting format, the trees that inhabit the landscape without people...Some of the works are on the verge of abstraction; yet the elements of the reality are clearly recognizable on all the aquarelles.  The idea behind all these art works that also appears to be a personal motive, is a concept of freedom, a nature that is developing on its own,  with no human influence. The freedom in its purest form, the unconstrained growth, free from any kind of control…Aquarelle is therefore the appropriate technique: water is pouring out and carries the color and the artist appears to be adjusting to it, rather than controlling it.  

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29.12.2016 – 13.01.2016 Mini nude

The exhibition displays 40 works selected by the jury of experts of the Open Competition initiated by the Association Broad Path for which, from January to May, 127 artists from 12 countries have applied. Using different painting techniques, the artists expressed their own vision of a nude picture.

‘’This is an intimate painting, which is mesmerising and breath-taking under the onslaught of feelings, and hence accentuating the maturity of the artists themselves. Charmingly and with loving attention they turned to woman wishing to make her a timeless heroin, who lives in front of our very own eyes, caught in a moment and drawn with a deep respect’’ – said an art historian, Haira Jakovljević, opening the exhibition.

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30.11 – 26.12.2016 „Three faces...“

Exhibited works were created on the 3rd year of basic studies at the Applied Arts Faculty, Art Posters and Prints. Students were to analyse their self-portraits in three ways – graphic, pictorial and photographic, thus the exhibition title “Three faces…”. Author of the exhibition is the professor of AAF Zdravko Mićanović.

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09.11 – 27.11.2016. Protection of cultural heritage – Exhibition by the students of master studies of the Department for Conservation and Restoration at the Faculty of Applied Art

The exhibition “Protection of Cultural Heritage” gives an insight into the complexity and beauty of the conservator-restorer profession i.e. the profession that guards our cultural heritage. Modern conservation and restoration has become a symbiosis of art and science, having expanded the field of its work on all types of cultural artifacts. It is a multidisciplinary and interprofessional activity that strikes a deep balance between artistic, manual skills and scientific precision. It is presented at the exhibition through works that show specific conservation-restoration interventions on original artworks: easel paintings, murals, sculptures, ceramics and paper art work.

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20.10 – 07.11 The graphics as a way to find the individuality

The exhibition presents the graphic works of the students of the Faculty of Applied Arts, generation 2014/2015, made in the first and the second year of the undergraduate studies, at the class Graphics. The works were performed as the original graphics in techniques of high and deep-impact print and combinations thereof and the author of the exhibition is Mirjana Tomašević, MA, the associate professor at FAA.

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28.09 - 10.17.2016 Challenging Boundaries, an exhibition of works by students of the Applied Arts Faculty

"Challenging Boundaries" is an exhibition of works created by graduates of the third and fourth year of the Applied Arts Faculty, at the major of masterpiece ceramics, ceramic module. Ceramic sculptures, compositions and installations created during the last school year are exhibited. The exhibition author is Ljubica Jocić Knežević, assistant professor of the Applied Arts Faculty.

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14.09 - 25.09.2016 Figures of memories, exhibition of the B.Sc. Architecture Danijela Dimković

Jewish Museum in Berlin, a masterpiece of the American architect Daniel Libeskind, inspired the artist Danijela Dimković for the exhibition ’’Figures of memories’’. Looking at this museum, but also at other memorial centers, as artistic and architectural forms and also  as the places where the memories ’’are kept’’, the author came up with the idea to pull her impressions through the art filter and to present them as the installation in space. Metal panels that make up this installation are set equivocally, opening the story in the chapter on human atrocities through history, ruthlessness on one hand and suffering on the other. 

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24.08 – 11.09.2016 Exhibition of works by the students of the Faculty of Applied Arts on Spatial Graphics

The exhibition shows graphics by third year students of graphic design at the Faculty of Applied Arts on the topic of consumer society and the effect of sales techniques and packaging on consumers. The exhibited works show how perceived value of one such a trivial and raw object such as a brick changes as a result of well-designed graphics and visual narrative. 

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18.07 – 20.08.2016 "Visual Selection" - An exhibition of works from the collection of the Institute of Fine Arts at the University of Veracruz

The selection of works received from Mexico, and presented in this exhibition, was made by the Uros Ušćebrka, a professor at the Institute of Fine Arts at the University of Veracruz.


Since its foundation 39 years ago, the Institute of Fine Arts at the University of Veracruz has been dedicated to strengthening of everyday creative work. Longtime result has been a very extensive production of various visual works that decorate the rooms of the home university, but also private collections, which are being exhibited throughout Mexico and abroad.


The exhibition was opened by Alexander Picker, CEO of Komercijalna Banka, and the chargé d’affaires at the Embassy of Mexico, Mr. Jose Castro Villalobos Umberto.

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29.06 – 15.07.2016 Melting Pot

At the traveling exhibition of paintings the four artists from four different countries (Katarina Rašić from Serbia, Barbara Ash from Great Britain, Gayatri  Gamuz from Spain and Pritam Bhatty from India) explore by their paintings the themes of identity and belonging.


In April and May the art lovers in Kochi and Bangalore in India had the opportunity to see this exhibition, which, after Kombank Art Hall , is moving to London.

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16.06 - 06.27.2016 Sound of the Eye

Four young artists: Danilo Crnogorac (sound design), Milica Šolajić (photo), Igor Andrić (photo) and Nemanja Blagojević (graphic design), are the authors of a multimedia exhibition  "Sound of the Eye". What they wanted to show with this exhibition is that by use of one sense one can learn about characteristics of another, as in this case, hearing and sight. Eye iris patterns are unique for each person, like a fingerprint, and by the transformation of the line patterns from circular to horizontal shapes and turning them into waveform the "sound of the eye" is obtained, which is also unique for each individual person.

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01.06 – 13.06.2016 UGA

Young artists from the Faculty of Applied Arts have presented their works at the “UGA” exhibition. The exhibition shows different approaches to art – through photography, animation, graphics and literature. Apart from various approaches, ranging from classical fine art techniques, such as painting and drawing, to abandoning these and combining media and installations, the common thread running through these works is the idea of joint creation, with professional guidance by professor Mirko Ognjanović. These works have a common model, a symbol of companionship, positive energy and the space in the atelier that the artists share.  

“This generation of students have quite a few exhibitions and awards under their belt, but innovative approach and experimenting are their distinctive feature. This group of students started their companionship in the atelier which simbolizes progress, laughter, love, plans and fantasies. That is exactly why this exhibition brings the focus back on friendship” – said Vladimir Miljaković, one of the participants in the exhibition and thanked Milorad Stanković for his great contribution as an “UGA” professional model.

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16.05 – 30.05.2016 Slovak naive art in Serbia

The exhibition ’’Slovak naive art in Serbia’’ was opened by Mr Alexander Picker, the President of the Executive Board of Komercijalna banka, Mr Andrija Mladenović, the Deputy Mayor of Belgrade,
Mr Jan Husarik, the Mayor of Kovačica and Mr Vladimir Dolinay, the Director of the Institute for Slovak Expatriates in Bratislava. The exhibited artworks are a part of the intangible cultural heritage. Thirty three artworks of the selected authors were exhibited from the collection of Gallery Babka in Kovačica.

’’Slovak naive art is the only art project of this size of a national minority in Serbia . With this project we are showing that we are ahead of time, because the exhibition incorporates the cultural heritage and the economic and touristic aspect into a creative economy. It is important that we take the idea of creative economy from Europe since each painting also has all the elements of goods and as such its own value. Given the fact that it takes 100 years for an art form to get established, we are particularly proud that we managed to preserve the tradition since each  art work tells its own story that goes on through several generations’’ – said Mr Pavel Babka, the founder of Gallery Babka.

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27.04 – 10.05.2016 Devotion, exhibition of paintings by Radomir Milović

Exhibition of paintings done in oil and acrylic presents everything the word “devotion” stands for – deep commitment, attachment, possessiveness and worship.

“The works portray a constant battle in the uncompromising commitment of an individual who is searching for reality that binds us. In my works I have tended to avoid various material, religious, nationalist forms and narrative values, and have searched for the naked truth instead. My work focuses on an individual, all people who are striving towards living in the moment and who are committed to their essence,” said Radomir Milović, author of the exhibition, and added that film, literature, fashion and contemporary art are his source of inspiration and that influences of different artists are important for an artistic vision, emotional and visual communication, but that it is, nevertheless, important to preserve one’s self.

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12.04 – 25.04.2016 Photo exhibition My Belgrade has a soul

Belgrade as it is everyday, hidden street corners and details of the everyday rush we usually do not notice, were presented at the exhibition of photographs by members of Facebook Group "My Belgrade has a soul." The group was formed thanks to the founder Miodrag Grujic, with the aim to bring together people who love this city and want to share their love for it.

The exhibition was opened by performances - consort flute "Jakov Srejović" Professor Živojin Velimirović, violin, Nikolina Kovačević, vocals, as well as our famous actor Milan Caci Mihailović.

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23.03 – 08.04.2016 Zgrafito – Exhibition of portraits and self-portraits of students of the Faculty of Applied Arts

The exhibition of self-portraits and portraits in graffiti art painted by young artists from the Faculty of Applied Arts, introduces us to this unique painting technique, which dates from the Renaissance. The technique of graphite, which is used for making the history of decorative details on the facades, and today enables the full artistic expression, involves placing the colored layers of plaster one over another, and then transferring the drawing to the last layer and cutting, scratching, removing mortar until the desired effect is achieved.


The exhibited works were created during 2015 and 2016, during the studies of major in Fundamentals of monumental painting guided by the assistant/teaching fellow Nikola Kolja Božović and artistic fellow Nenad Nastić

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02.03 – 21.03.2016. “Hold”, Exhibition of drawings by Ivana Lazarević

The exhibition shows the works of a young artist Ivana Lazarević and speaks about suggestive questions, growing-up, fear, communication with the world and oneself... The works presented at this exhibition were done in ink wash and pencil and illustrate the artist’s intimate records from the periods of important events and emotional turmoil in her life.  

The exhibition was opened by the curatorJelena Gagić.

10.02 - 02.28.2016 Zaharije - Exhibition of works by students of the Faculty of Applied Arts

Innovative solutions of visual identity in the field of agriculture were presented at this exhibition, in a serious, but humorous way. The exhibited works are the result of the students’ active work on the module for Graphic Design and Graphic Communications, and at the same time, their works are a visual homage to Zaharije Trnavčević, a journalist who has defined the Serbian media space more than 60 years, improving the culture, customs and agriculture in his educational programs. Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts, Zoran Blažina, mentor of the students, said that the students, in addition to honouring Trnavcevic, successfully applied the acquired knowledge.

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18.01 – 30.01.2016 Mini Nude – Exhibition of Works from an International Competition

The exhibition „MINI NUDE“ shows works of artists from various countries, inspired by male and female nudes. The exhibition resulted from a competition organized by the Association of Artists and Art Enthusiasts „Široka staza” (Wide Path) from Zemun. More than a hundred artists from various countries sent in their works. A panel of judges that selected 40 best pieces consisted of: an art historian Haira Jakovljević, a photograph Branko Brandajs, a painter Yasunari Ishida from Japan and Boško Đuričković, head of the Association „Široka staza“.

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21.12.2015 – 14.01.2016. Challenge Your Creative Side – Exhibition of Works by Gifted Employees of Komercijalna banka

With the opening of the exhibition “Challenge Your Creative Side” Komercijalna banka celebrated its birthday. The exhibition consists of works sent by the Bank’s gifted employees to an internal competition on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the Bank.


The exhibition was opened by the new President of the Executive Board of Komercijalna banka Mr. Alexander Picker, who stressed how pleased he was to join a team of diligent, professional and committed people who, apart from the expected knowledge of the banking profession, also have a creative, artistic potential.


The competition was not restricted to a specific topic and attracted 23 authors, proving that they spend their free time in a creative manner, making photographs, drawings, prints, handicrafts and paintings. The following employees have challenged their creative side: Milena Sazdanović, Silvana Herceg, Vladimir Čitlučanin, Jelica Rašeta, Ivan Marković, Dijana Radonjić, Marko Katanić, Jovan Kokotović, Žarko Garović, Slobodan Ćirković, Bojana Simović, Vladislava Mrđa, Marijana Bošković, Bojana Jaćimović, Ivan Karić, Vučić Ćetković, Saša Vesić, Tamara Blagojević-Seničić, Višnja Vasić, Laura Jovanović, Boris Matić, Ljiljana Pavličić and Vladimir Stojšić.


The competition “Challenge Your Creative Side” was open for all employees and the works were highly praised by professor Marko Lađušić from the Faculty of Applied Arts, who had provided professional advice to the employees. 

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25.11 – 18.12.2015 Expanses of Play, exhibition by stage design students

“Expanses of Play” show the most distinguished works by stage design students from the Faculty of Applied Art. The exhibited works deal with various problems of stage and alternative space as a foundation for reading drama works, from classics to opening of numerous cultural sights of our capital.

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05.11 - 23.11.2015 More than Just Practice – Group exhibition of posters by students of the Faculty of Applied Arts

Exhibition in the KomBank Art Hall  entitled “More than Just Practice”, that was officially opened by the famous Serbian writer Ljubivoje Ršumović, displays festival posters made by the students of the Faculty of Applied Art. Works created over the past couple of years for the Posters exam, under the tutorship of Professor Zdravko Mićanović, are an artistic interpretation of the International Children’s Theatre Festival, a prestigious event held in Subotica during the month of May.

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14.10 - 03.11.2015 Passion and Magic, exhibition of paintings by Biljana Ristić

In her exhibition “Passion and Magic” the artist Biljana Ristić presented to the public a set of oil and acrylic paintings showing dandelions. In Biljana’s paintings, dandelions personify embraces, love, dream, beauty, passion and magic. The exhibition was opened by a famous poet Rajko Petrov Nogo and the magic of the paintings was complemented also by magic from the words of the poet Božidar Glogovac.

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30.09 – 11.10.2015 Exhibition of drawings of Vladimir Matić Kuriljov, Ivan Stojković and Miloš Puač

The authors of the exhibited works, Vladimir Matić Kuriljov, Ivan Stojković and Miloš Puač presented the section of their creative work over the last few years, in the form of drawings, sketches and illustrations. Each of them, through many years of work, has developed his own style and as they say they are still working on perfecting and searching for meaning which brings the line drawn. Different work styles , techniques and approaches as can be seen on their works testify about the individuality and integrity of all three authors.

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17.09 – 28.09.2015 Parallel reading – Exhibition of installations of Dunja Trutin and Luka Tilinger

Exhibition ’’Parallel reading’’ is a result of cooperation of the young authors Dunja Trutin and Luka Tilinger. They both have completed Master studies: Dunja at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Luka at the Faculty of Applied Arts.  At this exhibition they both displayed art installations that represent human movement and its sequencing. The exhibited works, according to young artists, make for the most concrete reflection of their current thinking, but also suggest possible ways of looking at and using facts. Through installations they examined the relations among elements from the environment, behaviour and movement of people, as well as their communication.  

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13.09 – 15.09.2015. Enthalpy – Exhibition of Paintings by Marija Đokić

The young artist, holder of the master’s degree from the Faculty of Applied Art, showed to the visitors of KOMBANK ART HALL her paintings inspired by changes in nature that occur as a result of modern life. The works show the author’s experience gathered through her personal contact with the modern world. 

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19.08 – 01.09.2015. Exhibition of Drawings by Tamara Žderić

In the exhibition “Drawings” Tamara Žderić presents her works inspired by small everyday things. This young author, who is now completing her master’s studies at the Arts Faculty, is showing in her drawings that her view of the world comes from a completely different, more interesting angle. The works that are on display were made using various techniques – from ink, pen, charcoal, crayon to collage.

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16.07 - 08.17.2015 My Belgrade Has a Soul - Photo Exhibition

Natural beauty, attractions, unusual details, passes and corners of Belgrade that make the lifeblood of our city, were presented at the exhibition of photographs of the Facebook group "My Belgrade Has a Soul", which counts nearly 14,000 members. By exhibiting their works, 48 authors demonstrated and proved that Belgrade remains in their hearts regardless of whether they now live in it or not.

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01.07 – 14.07.2015. New Nature

Exhibition of paintings by Suzana Blagojević, Ivana Babić, Neda Arizanović, Marija Đokić, Stefan Stančić, Vojislav Marković and Radomir Milović


At the grand opening we were shown the artists’ common passion for art and their quest for inspiration in the material world, in the reality, and above all in nature, both urban nature and the other one we know less about – the forests and mountains that are changing. Authors of the paintings and drawings, who feel such changes, are the former Master students of Applied Painting at the Faculty of Applied Art, from the class of professor Nikola Božović.

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18.06 - 30.06.2015 Fish from Japan - Gyotaku

exhibition of graphic design art prints Author of the exhibition, Miodrag Stanišić, in his creative work applies gyotaku Japanese painting technique, little-known traditional method of "printing" of the fish body, which dates from the eighteenth century, the time the oldest prints originate from. This technique was developed by the local fishermen who recorded and kept as a trophy their catch in this way, at a time when photography was not widely available. Species that inhabit the waters of Japan were presented in the exhibited works, but also those that are inherent to our fauna. All copies are made by hand, on washi paper, modelled according to the specimens from the earliest gyotaku phase that places the emphasis on the texture of the fish body, which gives the truest representation of shapes and sizes.

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09.06 – 17.06.2015 – Psychodermia

Mina Šarenac and Olja Marković presented the photographs which emerged as a product of researching the possibilities and limitations of the body. Focus was on the different treatments of the skin which is the border with the outside world and through which one feels and lives the reality as such.  Series of photos show the human quest for some more intense experience, either through introspection or through physical engagement in order to pull back from the melancholy.  The relativity of human pain and pleasure parameters is hereby shown through the skin.

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04.06 – 07.06.2015 Children’s Atelier

The exhibition features the works of artists aged 4-8 made in the workshops of the Children’s Atelier and inspired by the works of Henri Matisse, Alexander Calder, Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock. The children took on the role of great artists, but also tried their hand at different types of fine arts such as African and Aboriginal. The children showed the simplicity and freedom of their artistic work, much to the satisfaction of their mentors Kruna Domić and Bojana Atlije.

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17.05. -01.06.2015. The first 25 years of championship

The 25th birthday of ’’Sports journal’’ was marked by the setting of posters with the front pages of the sports newspaper with the highest circulation in Serbia and the region. The birthday exhibition is also a reminder of the greatest successes of the Serbian sport from May 17th, 1990 to the present.

In gratitude for the contribution in making the Sports journal the absolute leader in sports press, the editorial board has presented the special awards to the first chief editor Mr. Zoran Popović, the family of Mr. Aleksandar Tijanić and to Mr. Miodrag Simeunović.

Exhibition opening was graced by the presence of: Bora Stanković, Aleksandar Boričić, Ivan Ćurković, Zoran Laković, Zoran Popović, Ljubiša Tumbaković, Zoran Milinković,Svetozar Mijailović, Zvezdan Terzić, Miloš Marinković, Marko Grujić, Gordan Petrić, Zoran Mirković, Milovan Đorić, Milorad Krivokapić, Dejan Savić, Vladimir Vujasinović, Danilo Ikodinović, Darko Udovičić, Laslo Lukač, Dušan Borković, Slobodan Branković, Goran Obradović, Radmilo Armenulić, Predrag and Nenad Peruničić, Dejan Perić, Božidar Đurković, Milena Reljin, Dane Korica,Petar Popović, Ivan Đorđević, as well as many other persons and numerous colleagues from other editorial staff who learnt the craft of sports journalism in the Sports journal.

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29.04 – 14.05.2015 Nude – Group exhibition of drawings by students of the Faculty of Applied Arts

The students  of the third and the fourth year of the Faculty of Applied Arts under the auspices of Professor Daniele Fulgosi, presented in the exhibited works, their drawing skills through the nude figure drawings, showing all the diversity, freshness and the talent of their approaches to human body as the motive and the drawing as a medium.

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15.04 – 27.04.2015 Graphic Communications - Photoemoticons

Young artists from the Faculty of Applied Arts have shown in these works their talent for dramaturgically hyper-accentuated photographs which also assume the role of modern visual elements in graphic design. Authors of the works selected for this occasion by Professor Zoran Blažina are: Aleksandar Bojanić, Veljko Vranjevac, Miloš Zlatanović, Stefana Maksimović, Milica Milivojević, Danilo Mimović, Irena Muhar, Nađa Olić, Filip Radić, Danilo Radović, Srđan Ristović, Nenad Ćirković, Vera Šaula and Aleksandar Ševaljević.

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30.03 – 14.04.2015. Painting Techniques - Exhibiton of works by students of FPU

The authors of the exhibited works are students of second and third year of the Faculty of Applied Arts. In the second year, students paint their works on the board, the unusual technique of egg tempera, with the task to paint the portrait after a  Renaissance master and the icons, while the third years task is to make the  portrait, figure and landscape in the classic oil technique on canvas.


The pictures were painted at the painting techniques class, which studies the materials used to create the picture and the basic techniques of easel painting, from traditional to modern methods. By choosing a particular material, the young artists make the first step towards achieving their inner artistic vision. Works presented at the exhibition were selected with the help of the professor Slobodan Kajtez, university lecturer (docent) Mina Glogovac and professional associate Milan Pantelić from the AAF.

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20.03 – 29.03.2015 „Save the Miraculous Species”

An exceptional photo exhibition marked the 50th anniversary of IUCN Red List of Endangered Species, encouraging the noble idea - promotion of the protection of animals and nature in Serbia.

Visitors to the exhibition "Save the Miraculous Species" got the opportunity to learn many interesting facts about the amazing species that we have to preserve, but also to see the photos of endangered species listed in the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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18.02 – 16.03.2015 Sequences – Exhibition of books, illustrations and drawings of Luka Tilinger

By the exhibition ’’Sequences’’ Luka Tilinger shows his abundant talent for graphics, illustration and book design. Among the exhibited works of art, which represented the revival of movement , are books – experimental and bibliophile editions, illustrations, posters and little drawings. The exhibited works were created during the previous two years, a period when Luka attended the fourth year of undergraduate studies and master studies at the Faculty of Applied Arts. 

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03.02 – 10.02.2015 “The Iranian Art” – Exhibition of Abstract Paintings by Prof. Seyed Hasan Soltani, PhD.

At his exhibition “The Iranian Art” a famous Iranian artist Prof. Seyed Hasan Soltani, PhD has given a new perspective on traditional Iranian miniatures in his abstract works painted in acrylic. The exhibited abstractions reveal birds, as symbols of love, kindness and affection.   

The Iranian ambassador to Belgrade Majid Fahimpour opened the exhibition, while the artist and Mr. Mahmud Shaluii, PhD, the director of the Iranian Cultural Centre in Serbia, addressed the attendants at the opening.

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14.01 – 02.02.2015 Exhibition of Paintings by Silvana Herceg

At the exhibition „Memory in steps“, the paintings were presented of the author Silvana Herceg, our colleague from Komercijalna banka, who, in  her free time, by oil on canvas and hyperrealism reveals her memories and all that inspires her in life. Each of her paintings is a story in itself and exudes a special emotion and inspiration.

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08.12 – 26.12.2014. Corporate pandemonium by Aleksandar Zolotić

After the 59th International Book Fair in Belgrade and won the ULUPUDUS prize for the comic book, graphic novel Corporate pandemonium by Aleksandar Zolotić was presented at the exhibition in KomBank Art Hall. Corporate Pandemonium is a retro-futuristic graphic novel about todays world created by powerful people and their corporations, in which the author reveals his vision of contemporary society, through illustrations that express and explore personal attitudes and shape responses to current social issues, using symbolic figures and mixtures of metaphors.

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18.11. – 05.12.2014. Sculptors and Colour

Future sculptors and current students at the Faculty of Applied Arts have displayed their artistic talent at the exhibition “Sculptors and Colour”. Ten young artists: Olivera Vanić, Vuk Spalajković, Teodora Terzić, Jovan Spasović, Ružica Erić, Dušan Božić, Teodora Vojinović, Milivoje Aksentijević, Sofija Gogić and Nikola Obradović presented the works that they had produced during the school year, while attending the painting classes. Author of the exhibition Milica Crnobrnja Vukadinović, MSc, assistant professor at the Faculty of Applied Arts, has pointed out that the “direct experience of painting allows the students a possibility to develop greater sensibility for colour, contributes to the deeper modulation analysis of the observed object and fosters and perfects the overall artistic perception. Students may use their newly-acquired knowledge and creative expression in a variety of ways in their future professional work and research”.

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20.10. – 07.11.2014. Belgrade, the City of Wonders

The exhibition features the best works of 17 final year students of under-graduate and post-graduate studies at the Faculty of Applied Arts and explores the theme of “Belgrade, the City of Wonders”. The exhibited works are actually a visual solution for the Serbian capital – billboards, posters and advertisements featuring Belgrade as a candidate for the European Capital of Culture 2020. In the words of Zdravko Mićanović, professor at the Faculty of Applied Arts: while “peeling the layers of the theme”,  the authors of the displayed works almost literally followed one single, post festum discovered, idea of Momo Kapor: “Belgrade is, actually, not a city. It’s a metaphor, a way of life, a perception of things”. 

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06.10 – 19.10.2014. Art animals Blue – Exhibition of Danica Masniković paintings

Continuing the cycle dedicated to the worship of nature and the animal world "Art Animals", an academic painter Danica Maksimović presented her latest oil paintings. In her distinctive style, bright colours and strong gesture, the artist once again revives the silent, almost invisible heroes of the world around us, the world which disappears into the vortex of civilization chaos. For her paintings Danica says:

"My paintings are an expression of what I feel, my thoughts, the dream of life, they are a kind of sublimation of life, a treasure trove of my memories, my peace and unrest, my tempests and the safe harbour. What I paint are large and small creatures of the world, not an arranged and or composed nature, but the primeval. "

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15.09 - 02.10.2014 Exhibiton of Drawings by Bogdan Dobrota

At his first solo exhibition, entitled 'Inland Empire', Bogdan Dobrota displays the works by which he attempts to understand the world around us and within us and to find a new way of living - in harmony with nature. The exhibition of this young artist makes it closer to us the relationship between the man, the nature and the universe.

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20.08 – 10.09.2014 Mosaic and Stained Glass in Contemporary Interior and Exterior

Exhibition „Mosaic and Stained Glass in Contemporary Interior and Exterior“ by Desimir Denić MSc, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, presents the painting projects carried out in public places in Belgrade and its surroundings. Given that these projects are set in different locations, the exhibition is made up of photographic documentation that makes the works of applied painting accessible to arts-interested public. Works on display are a result of the author’s creative effort and a symbiosis of painting and architectural possibilities.  

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24.07 – 15.08.2014 Exhibition of drawings of the International Art Colony Tršić

Exhibition includes 50 original drawings of young artists – participants of the international Art Colony in Tršić, which has existed for 15 years now.
The opening of the exhibition in KOMBANK ART HALL was also attended, in addition to ours, by students of art from Mexico, whose works were exhibited.
Although conceptually different, all exhibited drawings represent the environment from which the artist comes, as well as the environment in which he/she created while participating in the Colony.  

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01.07 – 15.07.2014 View from Here – Exhibition of Drawings by Tamara Branković

Tamara Branković’s first solo exhibition shows a “View from Here” – the hidden, dear, old and new spaces of Belgrade, artistically moulded into architectural elements. The displayed drawings attest to this young stage designer’s perception of Belgrade as an inexhaustible topic, inspiration and a starting point of her artistic exploration. The drawings were made in combined technique and intended to be presented as a group. They describe the atmosphere and tell a story about one memorized moment, one street or neighbourhood.

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09.06 – 20.06.2014 Recycling – Exhibition of Costumes Made of Recyclable Materials

The exhibition "Recycling" is a result of the international cooperation of the three faculties from the region: Faculty of Design from Trzin, Faculty of Textile Technology from Zagreb and Belgrade Faculty of Applied Arts. At this exhibition more than 30 students from Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia exhibited their works, costumes and installations. Common to all the exhibited works is that they are made from the recycled materials, and also that they show that the art needs no more than a little imagination and a lot of good will, and that the art can elevate the awareness of ecology development and preservation of the planet Earth.

After the Belgrade premiere in KOMBANK ART HALL, in November the "Recycling" will be set up in Zagreb City Museum, and in January 2015 at the Ethnographic Museum in Ljubljana. 

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27.05 – 30.05.2014 Charity Exhibition – Through Donation to the Work of Art

At the humanitarian exhibition the works of the students and the professors of the Applied Arts Faculty of Belgrade have been exhibited, along with the works of the Silkscreen Art Team and also the photographs from the series ‘’Memories from the depths’’ of Janez Kranjc and Ivana Orlović Kranjc.

The exhibition is, generally speaking, the selling exhibition: a visitor, interested in a particular work takes it promptly after the proof has been submitted that he/she made a payment to a dedicated charity account of the Government of the Republic of Serbia / 840-3546721-89 / of the amount equal to or higher than the amount indicated as the minimum price for the respective work of art.

Visitors have the opportunity to come into possession of the work of art by means of donating, but also to get a little poster as a token of gratitude for sending a message to 1003. 

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17.05. 2014. Exhibition of the Silkscreen Art Teams Works

Silkscreen Team includes Natalija Dabić, Milica Pantelić, Nikola Korać and Željko Lončar. These four young visual artists from Belgrade promote the author’s expression in the field of graphic communications, and at the exhibition in KOMBANK ART HALL they exhibit the works from two cycles of prints: Me, Myself and I and Silkscreen, which were derived in the technique of offset and digital printing on Forex print, and represent the pop-culture quotes, street art, illustration and the incorporation of visual arts in design and design into the painting.

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24.04 – 15.05.2014 Brain Turbulence: Exhibition of Paintings by Milena Stanisavljević

Milena Stanisavljević, the student of master studies at Belgrade Faculty of Applied Arts, in her first solo exhibition presents her own vision of human thoughts and events in the human mind in the modern society. With the unusual forms, some of which are reminiscent of micro-organisms and cells, the young painter is trying to touch the awareness of life and to grasp the extent of how much the man became unaware in today technological turbulence. She presents the human brain in its own space, particularly the thoughts, as they really are, the mystique, the beauty, but also the perversity that is contrary to all that, the malicious actions and all that can make us sincere beings.

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03.04 – 22.04.2014. Premiere: Exhibition of sculptures - Živorad Ciglić Cigla

Živorad Ciglić Cigla: The artist whose inspiration is the life itself, and who has created, using metal, wood and stone, many famous sculptures and monuments set in twenty countries throughout Europe and America, presented at this exhibition over thirty of his new works and turned KOMBANK ART HALL in a fairytale, magical place, which brings back the memories to one’s childhood. The exhibition was opened by the writer Petar Lazić, and Srđa Zlopogleđa, Bird of Paradise, Reflection of Sun, Kiss, Howler, are just some of the sculptures that attracted the attention of many visitors at this exhibition, thus fulfilling the wish of the author for his new works to be seen by as many people as possible, because, as he frankly admits „every creator works wishing that as many people as possible will see his work, especially the painters and sculptors who spend their life in solitude and the exhibition is the moment of going public“.

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20.03 – 02.04.2014. What awaits you? The event log on the 55th Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art and practical advice for young artists -Vladimir Perić and Milica Stojanov

Vladimir Perić and Milica Stojanov by this exhibition show how it looks to participate at the prestigious Biennale of Contemporary Art in Venice, from the perspective of the author. The authors set up this exhibition in hope that it will initiate a dialogue about the specific changes that should be introduced in order to overcome problems in the future that followed the last year, but also the previous performances of the Republic of Serbia at the Venice Biennale. Exhibition has an educational potential and to young authors to whose creativity the space of KomBank Art hall is primarily intended, suggests that that the external factors influence the activity of the artists and how, in inadequate conditions, to optimistically pursue their own creativity .

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05.03 – 18.03.2014. Furniture, architectural and urban design – exhibition of works by the students of the Faculty of Applied Arts (FPU)

The exhibition presents a cross section of work at the Department of Interior Design and Furniture at FPU in Belgrade, through selected works of the students in the last five years. Students have been working on specific tasks in the field of interior design, furniture design, as well as the design of smaller urban complex, working the program themes on subjects of Interior and Furniture design, Design of urban space and Stylish interior architecture At this exhibition, whose author is the Dean of the FPU, Professor Zoran Bulajić, the works of 39 students were presented.

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10.02 – 02.03.2014. Window in Iranian art: Three artists, thirty artworks - Džalil Džokar, Golam-Ali Taheri and Saber Safai

In cooperation with the Cultural Center of the Embassy of IR Iran in Belgrade, our audience is presented 30 original works of 3 great contemporary Iranian artists. Džalil Džokar, founder of the school of fractal art in Iran, presented his masterful miniatures, and Saber Safai, the painter who is specialized in calligraphy, his calligraphic works and painting calligraphy. The two of them personally socialized with the visitors of the exhibition, while the third author, the painter Golam-Ali Taheri, was presented by his imposing canvases. The exhibition was opened by the Iranian ambassador in Belgrade, His Excellency Mađid Fahimpur and the Cultural Attaché of the Cultural Center of the Embassy of IR Iran, Mahmud Šalui, PhD.

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21.01 – 07.02.2014. Design of printed textiles – exhibition of works by students of FPU

Students of the Faculty of Applied Arts (FPU), the Department of Textile Design at this exhibition present their original works – art wallpaper enabling the transformation of the environment and the realization of new visual properties of the interior. A variety of materials were used, from the traditional to the unusual, even recycled, which create new visual features, compositions with texture effects, soft, reflective and three-dimensional shapes. The author of the exhibition is the professor Ivana Veljović, and the following students presented their works: Katarina Galić, Milica Davidović, Aleksandra Ilić, Marina Krupniković, Sanela Lugonja, Milica Marinković, Angelina Perić, Danijela Todorović, Ana Cvijanović, Ana Čabrilo and Divna Čolić.

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23.12.2013. Book Graphics – Exhibition of works by students of FPU

The exhibition features the original books created by the students of the Faculty of Applied Arts as their thesis on the subject Graphics of book with the professors Jugoslav Vlahović and Mirjana Živković. Those are bibliophile books of extraordinary design, which are mad in only a few copies, by special artistic process, handmade, on specific paper. Through creation of these works of art, the students combine their knowledge in the field of drawing, illustration, typography, graphics and more recently photography, as well. Their works presented: Ivana Modrlanović, Nemanja Živković, Igor Andrić, Milica Šolajić, Jelena Lučić, Marija Đeranović, Miloš Jurić, Vojislav Nikčević, Jelena Bajčetić, Nevena Marković, Luka Tilinger, Bransilav Pantić and Milica Golubović.

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06.12.2013. Memories from the depths - Ivana Orlović Kranjc, Janez Kranjc

Details invisible to the naked eye and the inhabitants of the ocean and the deep sea are represented in the exhibition of underwater photography „Memories from the depths“. Ivana Orlović Kranjc and Janez Kranjc, who are dealing with underwater photography for a decade, showed a „diary“ of their diving adventures in the Indian Ocean, Red, Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas, and opened the window which overlooks the mysterious and exciting world of diving.

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25.11.2013. Drawing as a visual language, the project „Body“- exhibition of works by students of FPU

Human figure, puzzle and perpetual artistic inspiration, motivated 39 students of the Faculty of Applied Arts to show their drawings at the exhibition „Body 4“ – different sets of experiences and perceptions of the human figure. Series of exhibition „Body” represent diverse works of the students of FPU, which are connected by a body as motive, and at previous exhibitions Body 1, 2 and 3, participated almost 100 young artists. Most of these drawings show that the artists individually perceived the human figure, approaching her with different artistic positions. The author of the exhibition is Vice Dean of FPU, Professor Marko Lađušić.

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12.11.2013. Portuguese azulejo – Contemporary Dialogues

Azulejo – the gift of Portugal to world culture. At the same time, the trade mark of Portuguese culture. Inspirational blend of art and architecture, decorative and shiny; inspiration for many other forms of techniques. Translated from Arabic, small colored stone, but it is actually painted on glazed ceramic tile. First decoration of domes of the churches and the interior walls of the houses, it would then appear on the facades which the world still admires. The exhibition Portuguese azulejo –Contemporary Dialogues is the result of cooperation between the Institute Kamoiš and the National museum of azulejo. It has been displayed across Europe and to our audience arrived thanks to cooperation of the Embassy of Portugal, the Faculty of Applied Arts and Komercijalna banka. The exhibition which represents an overview of origin and the history of production of azulejo in the Portuguese industrial centers of the Middle Ages to the present day, as well as its use in the modern era was opened by the Ambassador of Portugal in Belgrade, His Excellency Mr. Augusto Saraiva Peixoto.

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21.10.2013. Industrial Design – exhibition of works by students of FPU

Their works presented the following students of industrial design at FPU: Aleksandar Mišić, Ivan Aranđelović, Boris Stanimirović, Filip Leginj, Anica Dimitrijević, Eleonora Sergijević, Marko Vukićević, Aleksandar Vuleta, Sonja Pavlović, Mihajlo Sopić, Mirko Vujičić, Stefan Bolpačić, Bojan Reljić, Miloš Milivojević, Mihajlo Gačić, Mila Stepanović, Vladimir Šipka, Stefan Vulić, Sandra Tatić and Ivana Ubović. The author of the exhibition, the professor Nikola Knežević, pointed out: „Industrial designers have the important role to continually review technology, shape, ergonomics, function and aesthetics of industrial products and thus contribute to enhancement of overall quality. The Department of Industrial Design at FPU for years successfully educates designers of industrial products. Many of them continue their professional career abroad, where they achieve remarkable results. It is our wish that that they start using, to greater extent, their talent and knowledge in their own country. “

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30.09.2013. Visual Identity – exhibition of works by students of FPU

Exhibition of works by students of the fourth year of Graphic Design at FPU, at subject Graphic Communications. The author of the exhibition is the professor Zoran Blažina, and their thoughts on the subject of visual identity present and by their visual language communicate with the audience: Aleksandar Andrejić, Igor Bubanja, Svetlana Vučić, Marko Danilović, Ivana Zotović, Stevan Ivić, Jelena Lugonja, Maja Maksimović and Jovana Pavlović.

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22.04.2013. Thursday for firefly of song Zorica Bajin - Đukanović and Srđan Pečeničić

The authors of the exhibition “Thursday for firefly of song” are Zorica Bajin- Đukanović, writer, and Srđan Pečeničić, illustrator. By this exhibition Zorica Bajin- Đukanović marks 40 years of her creative work. Zorica Bajin-Đukanović writes for children and adults and is also engaged in artistic photography. She is represented in anthologies, chrestomathies, textbooks, workbooks, literature and primers Her poems have been composed, translated, she has received awards for them, and many of her poems intended for children, were ‘’revived’’ by illustrations of Srđan Pečeničić and regularly published in the magazine “Politika za decu”. It is those illustrated poems for children that are presented at the exhibition “Thursday for firefly of song”.

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26.02.2013. Exhibition of dogs - Kosta Milovanović

The exhibitions of cartoons, called „Exhibition of dogs“, by Kosta Milovanović, was opened on the occasion of the publication of the hundredth episode of the comic book “Dogs”, which in the daily newspaper ’’Politika’’ has been published since 2007. Kosta Milovanović is a long-time associate of the magazine ‘’Politika za decu’’. He obtained the master’s degree at the Faculty of Applied Arts and is engaged in painting, design, illustration of books and textbooks, designing materials for national and international campaigns... Milovanović has held a number of author exhibitions in the country and around the world. Among them the following stand out: “Different view”, held in Finland and Belgrade in 1995, and “Man, woman, city” organized by the French Cultural Center and REX in 2001.

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06.02.2013. Mihajlo Mitrović: 50 years of architecture in Politika

Presented were photographs of the buildings designed by the famous architect, along with his drawings of the buildings that have inspired him in many years of his work. Dragan Bujošević, the chief editor of the daily newspaper Politika, presented to the professor Mitrović a letter of appreciation for his fifty yearlong engagement in the newspaper Politika. Some of the greatest works of Mr. Mitrović are: Genex Tower in Belgrade (West Gate), Temple St. Basil of Ostrog in Belgrade, Narcissus resort on Zlatibor, UN stationary in Banja Koviljača, hotel Putnik, then Vrnjački cycle: hot water Snežnik, Slatina, Roman springs, Lake, and a number of residential buildings in Serbia. Prof. Mihajlo Mitrović, PhD, has exhibited individually at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade and at Salon of Museum of Contemporary Art in Warsaw, then in Wroclaw, and also at collective exhibitions in Milan, New York, Rabat, and Graz. In the newspaper ’’Politika’’ he has been writing a column about architecture for 42 years. In 1999, he was elected for the president of the Academy of Architecture.

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27.11.2012. Slavimir Stojanović: 12 environmental commandments

The exhibition is part of the project with the same name, which celebrates 18 years since its inception, and was launched by the former creative team of the „M.R. ČEH" agency today gathered within the NGO „Responsibility ". This organization, with the support of the Faculty of Applied Ecology „Futura" of the Singidunum University , Secretariat for Environmental Protection and Komercijalna banka, by the exhibition „12 environmental commandments " and by launching website www.12ekoloskihzapovesti.rs, wishes that the „commandments " again become more important and that, in general interest, really come to life in the society.

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04.09.2012. Milan Konjović: Return to Paris

The exhibition „Milan Konjović: Return to Paris” consists of 25 paintings from the rich collection held at the Gallery of Milan Konjović from Sombor. From the early years of his creative work Milan Konjović was devoted to Paris. He participated at showrooms since 1926, and his first solo exhibition was also in Paris. The author of the exhibition, Mr. Sava Stepanov, said, at the opening, that it was a great pleasure for him to choose the works that will be presented at this exhibition. Before Belgrade, the paintings from this setting were exhibited in Paris and Novi Sad and they are the part of marking the centennial of creative work of Milan Konjović.

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30.04.2011. Exhibition of the sculptures of Jovo Petijević

At the opening of the exhibition of the sculptures of Jovo Petijević, writer Milan Vidojević gave an inspired speech, while his sculptures are made in wood and they themselves tell their own story. Continually impressed with the noblest qualities of wood, this artist has always found in wood a new inspiration. The sculptor Jovo Petijević has more than 90 solo exhibitions and 30 group exhibitions, and his works are in private collections and galleries in many countries. Petijević’s sculpture of Mother Teresa has long ago enriched the space of the Nobel Institute in Oslo.

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