Kombank Aktiv Set

Kombank Active current account is intended for the employees with a regular monthly salary, as well as other private individuals who would like to become the customers of Komercijalna banka i.e. Users of Kombank Active current account. Apart from the standard products and services, we have tried to expand the offer and adjust it to the customers’ everyday needs. All existing users of the current account of Komercijalna banka, as well as other products of our Bank can become users of Kombank Active current account.


Kombank Active current account is opened and maintained in dinars without additional indexation. The funds are deposited without time limit. Monthly maintenance fee for Kombank Active current account is 310.00 dinars. The procedure for opening the Kombank Active current account is quite simple. The following documentation is required:

  • for the employees -  Employer’s certificate or the contract on payment of salaries between the employer and the bank and a valid identification document
  • for persons generating income on some other grounds (personal payments, etc.) – a valid identification document

A valid identification documents is all that is required for including an existing current account into Kombank Active current account.


Products and services in the Kombank Active current account:


Foreign currency account

A foreign currency account is opened with a valid identification documents. No interest is paid for the deposits and the following currencies can be deposited: EUR, AUD, CAD, DKK, JPY, NOK, RUB, SEK, GBP, USD and CNY. Apart from personal payments, the foreign currency account can also be used for receipts from abroad (loro remittances and foreign checks) and from Serbia (as a result of the contract on the purchase and sale of property, lease of a flat or commercial space, etc.), for the use of payment cards, etc.


Debit card


Electronic service

Electronic services (eBankmBankSMSKOMeKEŠKOMeCENTARKOM4PAY)


Direct debits

Direct debit 


Providing roadside assistance

Komercijalna banka a.d. Beograd provided to the owners of Aktiv, Klasik and Premijum set current account a benefit in terms of roadside assistance of the insurer, the Company Dunav osiguranje a.d.o.

The cost of the annual insurance premium is borne by the Bank as the policyholder.

The insurance is valid on the territory of the Republic of Serbia for vehicles with valid registration in the Republic of Serbia, and the insurance coverage includes:

    Assistance and coverage of costs of one repair , in case of a minor breakdown on the vehicle which is not in a running condition or it is necessary for further safe driviing , operated by or in which is the owner of the current account set, as the insured person, only if the vehicle can be repaired on the spot within 60 minutes, maximum up to 50€.

Minor fault is considered to be: discharged tire, minor mechanical, electrical or electronic faults (e.g. discharged battery, broken belt,   minor faults in the cooling system, blown fuses).


    Assistance and coverage of costs of  one towing of vehicle, maximum up to 50km, if the vehicle is not in running order or it is necessary for further save driving. Towing of a vehicle is provided to the nearest car service center that can enable the vehicle to continue driving or to the residence of the owner of current account set, if he so requests  (mileage is calculated from the moment of taking over the vehicle)

The owner of current account set as the insured is entitled to use only one of the above services, once during the insurance coverage period.

The insurance coverage is valid for one year from the day of beginning of insurance coverage and is extended automatically for all owners of current account sets that meet the condition of activity on the current account within the set. In this sense the active owners will be considered the owners who had at least one payment or withdrawal change on the relevant current account.

All the users of this insurance receive a roadside assistance insurance card as a document of an informative nature, which in the event of damage provides instructions for reporting it by calling the number of the Roadside Assistance Center  +381 11 3636 900;  0800 363690 (for calls from the landline) and which are available 24/7 each day of the week .

When contacting the representative of the Roadside Assistance Center the following shold be indicated:

    Identfication data
    Exact location where the service needs to be provided
    Contact phone number
    Type of assistance needed

and then continue following all the instructions from the Roadside Assistance Center for the insured persons in order for assistance to be fast and efficient.

More detailed insurance terms and conditions are available here.

Safe with us, on the road too.

Komercijalna banka a.d. Beograd in cooperation with the Company  Dunav osiguranje a.d.o.


Authorized overdraft

Current account overdraft is allowed to the customers who receive regular monthly salary. After the first payment of a salary, the customer may file an application for authorized current account overdraft. The application form can be downloaded here.


The Bank does not charge a fee for approval of authorized overdraft. Authorized overdraft is approved to a period of up to 36 months up to the average monthly salary/pension increased by 50%, with a previous check of internal rating/no default of the current account and upon obtaining a report from the Credit Bureau.

If the customer overdraws their current account so that the approved overdraft limit is exceeded or if they do not settle their overdraft after the expiration of the authorized overdraft, the customer must pay to the Bank an agreed interest on unauthorized overdraft.


Interest rate on unauthorised overdraft is variable and amounts to 40 p.p. per annum, increased for the annual growth rate of consumer prices. Interest rate is adjusted for the growth rate of consumer prices twice a year, on every March 1st, against the growth rate of consumer prices in the previous calendar year and on September 1st, against the growth rate of consumer prices in the period from June 30th of the previous year and June 30th of the current year (interest rate on unauthorised overdraft at 01.03.2021. is 41,30% and in effect until 01.09.2021.). Interest rate on unauthorised overdraf at 01.09.2021. is 43,30% and in effect until 01.03.2022.



Authorized current account overdraft







No indexing criteria




Up to the amount of average monthly salary, increased by 50%


Up to 36 months








28.75% per year, fixed






246.00 RSD




50.00 RSD





Preferential currency quotation

Users of Kombank Active current account are allowed to purchase and sell euros through eBank and mBank at the most competitive exchange rate in the market.


Credit cards and deferred payment cards

Visa Revolving credit card or MasterCard Installment credit card or MasterCard Standard card with deferred payment – one of these cards can be included in this current account without paying the annual membership fee.



Issuing the first 5 checks in the month free of charge.