Investment Funds

Investment funds represent the institution of collecting and investing the money funds in order to increase their real value. In other words, instead of searching by yourself and analyzing the possibilities of investing cash funds, by investing your money funds in investment funds, you entrust your money to the management of the professional staff with the objective that after a while the value of your investment will be in real terms increased in comparison to its initial value. By investing in investment funds you become the owner of certain number of investment units of the investment fund.

Investment unit is the proportional share in total assets of an open end investment fund, whereby depending on the investment made in investment fund and the price of a single investment unit as of the date of making such investment it is determined, as well, the proportional part of investment units belonging to the investor, and/or to the member of the investment fund. The value of an investment unit is calculated in RSD and is published on daily basis.

Komercijalna banka a.d. Beograd, through its subsidiary KomBank INVEST a.d. Beograd, offers to its clients, as well as to all other natural persons and legal entities that are not the clients of Komercijalna banka the possibility of investing the money funds in investment funds.

Kombank INVEST a.d. Beograd - the Investment Fund Management Company, is incorporated and registered in the Register of Investment Fund Management Companies on February 05th, 2008. The founder and the only owner of the Company is Komercijalna banka a.d. Beograd. The main activity of the Company is organizing and managing the investment funds.

KomBank INVEST a.d. Beograd offers to the clients of Komercijalna banka, as well as to all the other natural persons and legal entities the possibility to invest in two investment funds:

  1. KomBank IN FOND

KomBank IN FOND (share fund) is a fund which invests the major part of collected money funds (minimum 75%) in shares of the companies that are traded on domestic and foreign stock exchanges. Instead of analyzing by yourself the companies that are traded on stock exchanges, by investing in KomBank IN FOND you will make the dispersion of your investment to all the shares included in portfolio of KomBank IN FOND. Because of the real risk that accompanies the movement of the prices of shares on the stock exchanges, KomBank IN FOND is a high risk fund in terms of generating revenue and is therefore intended primarily for investors who make long-term investments.

See the archive values of investment units for KomBank InFond.

KomBank NOVČANI FOND (money fund) is a fund which invests the collected cash funds exclusively in deposits of commercial banks and debt securities issued by the Republic of Serbia or by the National Bank of Serbia. By investing in KomBank NOVČANI FOND the stable rates of return are achieved, and which, as a rule, are higher than the real interest rates offered by commercial banks on term savings deposits. The rate of return which the investor achieves by investing in KomBank NOVČANI FOND does not depend on the term of investing or on the amount of invested funds, and in these terms it is equally interesting both to investors making long-term investments and to those who are able to make only short-term investments. As for the issue of risk, KomBank NOVČANI FOND is a low risk fund, whose investment unit’s value is constantly growing and is primarily intended for investors whose priority is the safety of their invested funds.

See archive of values of investment units for KomBank Novčani fond.