Komercijalna Banka Beograd, member of the NLB Group, and the B92 Fund, under severe conditions of the Covid-19 virus epidemic, continues the joint action of equipping maternity hospitals in Serbia "Together for babies“.


The President of the Executive Board of Komercijalna Banka, Vlastimir Vuković, and the President of the Management Board of the B92 Fund, Veran Matić, donated the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Clinic "Narodni Front" in Belgrade, an ultrasound device necessary for daily examinations carried out in that hospital. It is a modern ultrasonic 4D device with two probes, which will satisfy daily needs of the hospital, whose value is around 2.7 million dinars, or 23,500 euros.


Director of GOC "Narodni Front" Željko Miković, Dr PhD and the head of the Department of the hospital Ana Mitrović Jovanović, Dr PhD, received this donation on behalf of the hospital.


“Komercijalna Banka, now as a member of the NLB Group, it will continue to strongly support this noble action. The action "Together for babies" that we launched with the B92 Fund is another proof of the old saying that love and happiness grow when shared. I take this opportunity to thank our clients who, by using Komercijalna Banka’s payment cards, stimulate the Bank to allocate funds for the improvement of the work of health care institutions in Serbia", said the President of the Executive Board of Komercijalna Banka Vlastimir Vuković.


„The partnership with Komercijalna Banka is long-term, because only in that way is it possible to strategically plan support to maternity hospitals and make it much more efficient and certain. The B92 Fund, with its partners, including this donation, has so far donated equipment in the approximate value of 290,000 euros to GOC Narodni Front, as well as 8 incubators of approximate value of 86,000 euros", said the President of the Management Board of the B92 Fund Veran Matić.


The GOC "Narodni Front" day hospital is the department with the largest number of outpatient examinations, performed diagnostic procedures and performed one-day gynaecological interventions and operations in Serbia. Head of the Department of the day hospital Ana Mitrović Jovanović, Dr PhD, thanked the donors for the new ultrasound device, which will greatly increase the quality of work of the day hospital, to the satisfaction of patients and employees who are already working on the new 4D device.


“Owing to the organization of the department work and the sacrifice of fellow gynaecologists and anaesthesiologists, nurses, anaesthetists and cleaners, during the year of the pandemic, we managed to provide our patients with normal day hospital work in 2020 too, and we had more than 4,500 gynaecological interventions and operations and more than 12,000 outpatient examinations. By purchasing a new ultrasound device, our work will be facilitated and the quality of service will be further increased", said Mitrović Jovanović, PhD.


In 2012, Komercijalna Banka joined the B92 Fund’s "Battle for Babies" campaign by purchasing incubators for maternity hospitals in Niš and Trebinje. Two years later, Komercijalna Banka and the B92 Fund launched an independent action "Together for babies", which began on June 1, 2014.


So far, in this action, medical equipment has been procured for 18 maternity hospitals and two health centres in Serbia, and in addition to medical equipment, IT equipment has been procured for 13 maternity hospitals and nine registry offices in 19 cities in Serbia, to launch a project of registering new-borns at once, in the maternity ward.


The action "Together for babies" collected 62.3 million dinars since it has been launched.

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