With great expectations and optimism employees of Komercijalna Banka are looking forward to start working as a member of the NLB Group that has officially become the owner of Komercijalna Banka after today’s successful implementation of the sale and purchase agreement, which was concluded with the Republic of Serbia on February 26, 2020.  


We continue as usual: a stable and successful financial institution, with a 50-year tradition focused primarily on the satisfaction of its clients. We will certainly remain so.


“Komercijalna Banka’s business performance is very good, despite the many challenges posed by the COVID-19 virus pandemic to our economies and societies. Therefore, I am sure that the Bank’s operations will be further improved with the arrival of the NLB Group, as part of the banking group that is active throughout the region of Southeast Europe. This was a demanding process that required a lot of work and expertise, so we are especially pleased that we completed it successfully and transparently, "said the President of the Executive Board of Komercijalna Banka Vladimir Medan.


“Families grow and develop, and so is ours. We are exceptionally pleased to be able to extend the warmest welcome to our new colleagues from Komercijalna Banka into the family of NLB Group. We are also very proud that we ended this acquisition process within the time frame anticipated at the time of signing. This transaction represents one more important milestone in transformation of the NLB Group into a regional champion “, pointed out Blaž Brodnjak, President of the Executive Board of NLB (NLB d.d. CEO).

In addition to proven security, the most important thing for our clients is the fact that they will not have to go through any changes of the conditions, nor additional activities when using the services of Komercijalna Banka: from current accounts, payment cards, payment transactions to deposit and credit operations, the emphasis is on the existing conditions to remain unchanged. On the contrary, one of the first tasks that we will immediately face is how to improve the existing conditions for the benefit of the clients, both in retail and corporate banking. Both will have put on their disposal the additional options and new products and services, as well as new potentials offered by Group synergy, along with those that will result from the announced investments into new technologies, platforms and products.

By joining the NLB family, Komercijalna Banka becomes stronger, both from the aspect of market expansion and financial potential to support its clients, who have many reasons to expect even more from the Bank that became a part of the international financial group.


ABOUT THE NLB Group: NLB Group is the largest banking and financial group in Slovenia, with exclusive strategic interest in the South-East Europe. It covers the markets of approximately 17.4 million inhabitants. In addition to the NLB parent company in Slovenia, NLB Group comprises of six more banks in the South-East Europe, of which four exceed 10% of the market share, and few support companies that do not deal with our core activity and are undergoing the process of controlled termination. NLB is an opened joint stock company, whose shares are quoted on the Stock Market of Ljubljana, and global deposit certificates are quoted on London Stock Exchange. NLB Group is a financial institution focused exclusively on the South-East Europe region, offering innovative, simple solutions tailor-made for our customers, with the best user experience in those markets. Having a clear business strategy, the NLB Group is dedicated to justification of the confidence of our shareholders. Moreover, the NLB Group is not just a financial group. In addition to good business performances and financial results, which contribute to the economic development of the South-East Europe, the NLB Group also wants to shape and improve the social environment in which it operates, and to contribute to the better quality of living. That is to say, this region is not just a spot on the map for us. This region is our home.

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