At the time when this form of trade is becoming ever more popular among buyers, Komercijalna banka allows, through its electronic trade (e-commerce) service, legal entities registered in the Republic of Serbia to activate and set up their online store!

In this manner the vendors will be able to offer their services or products to clients, and charge the clients for such services, in real time and safe environment, but without the need for prior IT knowledge and initial investment.

This service means opening an online store that will be available to your customers 24/7, as well as automating the processes that reduce the cost for the vendor. Products and services are available to everyone who has internet access and a payment card.

Within Komercijalna banka’s e-commerce, the client may use also KOM4Pay service that allows payments on the vendor’s website, with the client logging onto their account within the e-bank application. Client additionally authorizes each payment order by entering a one-time code (SMS or mToken code), which adds to greater security and full protection of the buyer’s data.

Komercijalna banka offers also special benefits to everyone who opens their online store on the website! Shopen Promo code lets you use the Shopen service for free for the first month and you pay only 50% of subscription, regardless of the selected package, for the next 12 months. The only precondition for activation of the Promo code is that, in the first month the service is used, the vendor activates the service of online charging with payment cards.

The offer is available to legal entities that already have their website, but also for those who do not have it. It is possible to create a store and a website, through the Shopen platform, together with a blog. If a legal entity already has its website – it can set up an online store, using the same platform, and link it to the existing website.

Additional information about the e-commerce service, as well as the information about the contact with persons in charge of e-commerce to clients, is available on this link.