Within the campaign for equipping hospitals and maternity hospitals in Serbia "Together for Babies", representatives of Komercijalna Banka and the B92 Fund donated an incubator to the Pediatric Department with neonatology at the General Hospital in Vršac. The value of the donation is around 835 thousand dinars and this is the 18th donation since the beginning of the action.


„We are aware that investing in social responsibility projects, such as this at the General Hospital in Vršac, is equally important for the management and employees of Komercijalna Banka, as is the excellent results in providing financial services. Through socially responsible projects, Komercijalna Banka expresses its position and understanding that we can shape a better environment for all only if united in joint action“, said Vladimir Medan, PhD, President of Komercijalna Banka’s Executive Board.


The "Together for Babies" campaign was launched in June 2014 as a special action within the B92 "Battle for Maternity Hospitals ".


„Here, at the maternity hospital in Vršac, in 2012 we successfully started our campaign "Battle for Maternity Hospitals" and in a record time managed to raise funds for the procurement of as many as 3 incubators and other necessary medical equipment. We are immensely pleased that we are here again today and that thanks to Komercijalna Banka we were able to obtain another incubator. I take the opportunity to invite other donors to follow the example of Komercijalna Banka and, in accordance with their capabilities, to assists in equipping our hospitals across Serbia to help babies come to this world“, said a B92 Fund spokeswoman Jovana Stranjančević.


So far, medical equipment for maternity hospitals and health centers  has been purchased in this action in Belgrade (gynecological-obstetric clinic in Višegradska  and gynecological-obstetric clinic Narodni front), Čačak, Šabac, Knjaževac, Požarevac, Kruševac, Gračanica, Aleksinac, Valjevo, Negotin, Kladovo, Jagodina, Priboj, Vrnjačka Banja, Ćuprija and Pančevo. In addition to medical equipment, IT equipment was also purchased for 13 maternity wards and nine registry offices in 19 cities in Serbia, to launch the project of registering newborns in registry books immediately at the maternity ward..


The donation was received by the director of the General Hospital in Vršac, Dr. Ivan Ivanović, who emphasized the importance of this donation for the hospital, the city of Vršac and surroundings.


„What is necessary in the treatment of all premature babies, low birth weight babies or any congenital anomaly, is state-of-the-art medical equipment, which certainly includes an incubator. Thanks to Komercijalna Banka and the B92 Fund, the General Hospital in Vršac has received one incubator which is necessary for the care of premature babies, our heroes“, said dr Ivanović.


Head of Pediatric Neonatology Department Dr Dragan Nackov also thanked for the donation and pointed out: „Until now, we have only had over 40 years old and one over 10 years old incubator at the Department of Pediatrics. By donating the most modern incubator, we are able to treat the youngest patients, especially newborns, especially those who take ill with jaundice, in the most efficient and effective way and monitor their growth and development..“


The "Together for Babies" campaign continues and in the coming period Komercijalna Banka will donate another incubator to the General Hospital of Vranje Health Care Center.