In the past two years Komercijalna banka has recorded the best business results in its history. According to the latest data, as of October 31st, the Bank’s profit (profit before tax) in 2019 is as high as 7 billion and 744 million dinars which is 10% higher year-over-year – said Vladimir Medan, PhD, the Chief Executive Officer at a social function with the representatives of the media.


“All the business data point to serious growth, which is a great success. The Bank’s balance-sheet assets increased in the first 10 months of 2019 by 6% with a year-over-year growth of 9%. Deposits grew year-over-year by 7% and the Bank’s total capital increased by 10% and is now 74bn dinars. Net retail loans increased year-over-year by 7%, which is an excellent result, as we all know how keen the competition is in the credit market,” added Medan, PhD.


Net corporate loans also increased, by 5%, with a year-over-year increase of as much as 8%. Such business results best attest to the growth in the quality and value of Komercijalna banka.


“Trust that our clients place in us is a special additional value we have. All relevant indicators in this area point to a strong growth. Total deposits at the end of October are 333bn dinars, with year-over-year growth of as much as 7%. The trust that ordinary citizens place in us is particularly important for us. An increasing number of people are deciding to place their money in our bank for safekeeping, so we have recorded an increase in savings accounts in that segment as well. Retail FX savings now amount to one billion and 764 million euros, with an increase of 72 million euros in 2019.


As of 31.10.2019 balance-sheet total was 425.72bn dinars!


Therefore, excellent financial results the Bank has achieved and the great trust that the clients have are the greatest asset for Komercijalna banka today, which is one of the reasons for permanent increase in the price of its shares,” concluded Medan while talking to the editors of the local media.