Hal e bank

Hal E-bank is realized through three applications:

  • Personal E-bank (application intended for small and medium enterprises that will satisfy majority of users)
  • Corporate E-bank (application intended for big systems; server with IBM DB2 base needs to be installed)
  • B2B Hal E-bank (possibility to execute payments and receive statements and extracts in real time directly from the user’s IT system)

Advantages of Halcom system:

  • Users have their own „bank teller rooms“ on the computer monitor, at home or at work. "Bank teller’s room " enables business operations 24-7, 365 days. Users save time and money because there is no need for them to personally go to the bank, and the commissions charged to electronic order are lower
  • Additional function called "remote" or mobile authorisation enables you to authorise (sign) payment orders from another location or during the trip
  • Users have no need to receive statements from the bank account because they have the possibility to view their statement at any moment via their PCs
  • Creation of order is done in off-line regime, therefore no need to use the phone line for a long time.
  • Data transfer between the user and the bank is very fast

By installation of this system you provide yourself with the following services:

  • Statement query in the real time
  • Preparation of payment order, and possibility to determine order currency in advance;
  • Statements download;
  • Possibility of payment order import and export of orders received in txt format,  in order to connect to accounting application of the user with the E-bank
  • Saving of the payment orders received for multiple uses (regular or single monthly payments)
  • Certificates on executed payments, changes on the account etc.

Supported operating systems is MS Windows.

Professional staff of the Bank shall provide you with the overall support for Hal E-bank system.