Exercising the Protection of Client’s rights and Interest

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to inform you that, if you as a client of Komercijalna banka A.D. Beograd (“the Bank”) or as a provider of collateral believe the Bank to be in breach of any law or other regulation governing financial and payment services, its general terms and condition, good business practices or contractual obligations, you have the right to file a complaint in writing.


A complaint may be filed within 3 years of the date of a perceived violation of your right or interest. After this period the Bank has no obligation to take your complaint into consideration, but may nevertheless choose to consider and/or accept it if it finds it to be justified.


You may file a complaint in person on the Bank’s premises, by regular mail to the address: Belgrade, Svetog Save 14 or address of any other branch/outlet, by e-mail at kontakt.centar@kombank.com or posta@kombank.com or on the Bank’s website in the “Contact Centre” tab.


A complaint should contain information that demonstrates beyond any doubt your relationship with the Bank to which the complaint relates (e.g. current account number, loan account number, last 4 digits of card number etc.), as well as the reasons for your complaint. Bank will provide you with confirmation of receipt, upon your request.


The Bank must examine the complaint and reply to you in writing within maximum 15 days of receipt of the complaint. By way of exception, if the Bank is unable to reply within the specified timeframe due to objective circumstances beyond its control, this period may be extended by maximum 15 days. You will be notified in writing of the reasons and the final date for reply within 15 days of receipt of the complaint.


If you are not satisfied with the reply to your compliant or if you receive no reply within the specified timeframe, before seeking judicial relief, you will be entitled to file a letter of grievance in writing with the National Bank of Serbia, within 6 months of receipt of the reply or expiration of the period for the reply.


A letter of grievance may be sent to the National Bank of Serbia by regular mail to the address: Sector for Financial Consumer Protection and Education, Post-office box: 712, 11000 Belgrade or by email: zastita.korisnika@nbs.rs. Together with a letter of grievance to the National Bank of Serbia, you will need to provide your original complaint to the Bank, the Bank’s reply (if one was provided to you) and the relevant documents for weighing the merits of your grievance.


In addition to the right to file a complaint and a letter of grievance, you also have the right to a mediation procedure aimed at out-of-court settlement of any dispute. You may initiate the mediation procedure either after receiving the Bank’s reply to your complaint or after expiration of the period for a reply, or during or after the grievance procedure before the National Bank of Serbia.