- small, medium and large enterprises

Purpose of the loan

-to finance eligible investment project which contribute to the improvement of energy performances (adaptation, reconstruction and replacement of the existing equipment), investments in renewable energy, improvement of energy efficiency of the commercial, administrative and housing facilities in private ownership

Loan amount

-Depending on client’s creditworthiness, max up to EUR 2,000,000

Interest rate

Depending on the client’s size, level of cooperation with the bank, assessment of the client’s financial situation, as well as collaterals


-EUR in the dinar counter value and EUR*

Loan repayment term

- 13 to 60 months as of the disbursement date

Grace period

-up to 12 months depending on the client’s needs, in accordance with the bank’s decision

Loan repayment

-in monthly/quarterly/semi-annual instalments

*FC loans in accordance with the Law on Foreign Currency Transactions