With the new solution for electronic banking for individuals, KomBank WEB 3.0, along with existing functionalities, numerous new ones are enabled, all on an improved platform and a new user experience. Using e-banking, submit a request for a product or service of the Bank, or communicate directly with the employees of the Bank through KOMeCENTAR, and manage your payment cards in a quick and easy way.

You can see all features of the new KomBank WEB 3.0 solution here. (DEMO) (Username: demo, password: demo)

KomBank WEB 3.0 service is the fastest and easiest way to pay and perform other activities via the Internet, without going to the Banks’ branch office, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Advantages of the new solution

• A new graphic design harmonized with the new mBank application, now offers a unique user experience for users of Komercijalna Banka electronic services

• Automatic transaction categorization for easy track and overview

• Finance - cost analysis, personal budgeting and creation of various reminders, alerts and goals

  • KOMeKEŠ - a service for authorizing the payment of funds to any ATM machine of Komercijalna Banka 24/7, the recipient of funds does not have to have an open account in any bank, only requirement is that he or she has a mobile phone

• Payment card administration- PIN change, change of usage channels (at the POS, ATM, Internet), and payment card blockade

• Exchange office - Exchange of foreign currency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing the best rate for the users of KOMBANK Start, Active, Classic and Premium current accounts, with the possibility of EUR withdrawal at certain ATMs of Komercijalna Banka countrywide

• Interaction with online branch - KOMeCENTAR, requests submittion for products and services, status monitoring, communication with the employees of this digital branch via instant messaging, video call and co-browse functions (the possibility for the user to grant access to the operator from KOMeCENTAR on his computer and help the user regarding the functionality of e-Banking)

• Personalization of the environment, change of user name and password and other personal data, administration of other online services (mBank, SMS...), etc.

• Templates setting, synchronized with mBank application

• Locator of all ATMs and branches of the Commercial Bank with information on address, working hours and contact phone numbers

• Easy to use


Technical preconditions

• PC Computer, Internet connection

• Web browser (Chrome, Microsoft EDGE, Mozilla Firefox), running Windows OS or Mac OS



• Balance and turnover review of all accounts, payment cards and loans

• Easy and simple transfer of funds from one to another local currency account and settlement of credit cards, loans and special purpose cash accounts for trading in securities

• Perform all types of non-cash transactions and the possibility to pay with the currency in advance as well as the cancellation of the order

• Various security options (depending on the authentication method, username and password, or use of various payment confirmation methods SMS OTP - one-time code via a free SMS or mToken- token on a mobile phone...)

• Administration of accounts, online services, payment cards

• Exchange transactions from a foreign currency account to a local currency account and vice versa, which the owner and / or an authorized person has with Komercijalna Banka


Additional services

• Mobile phone prepaid charges in real time

• Cost monitoring through automatic transaction categorization

• Set goals and monitor achievements (for savings for example)

• Foreign and local currency savings

• Summary of savings by currency

• Cheque monitoring

• Exchange rate and currency converter

• Review of dedicated securities accounts

• Presentation and statements download, interim reports and payment confirmations on current accounts and payment cards

• Locator of all branches and ATMs of Komercijalna Banka


Authentication / Payment Order Verification

Users of KomBank WEB 3.0 may use various authentication methods which, in accordance with the security policy, grant the user various payment permissions. Users can log into the application using a username and a password. Users who are logged into the application in this way may only pay into the accounts from the List of predefined accounts, or into the accounts which the user has registered by filing in the Request for registration of new beneficiaries (if the user has an administered SMS option or mToken one-time-only code, an additional verification of the payment order using this code allows for payments to be made to any beneficiary – see the rest of the text for a more detailed explanation).

- Verification using an SMS one-time-password code and/or mToken application

Users who access the service with their user name and a password can make an additional verification of their payment order by using a one-time-password code obtained in a free SMS or by using an mToken (In this manner payments can be made without limitations. Payments that have been additionally verified in this manner allow the user to register the beneficiary and will enable payments to them with no additional verification – this beneficiary’s account is added to the list of predefined accounts)

All details related to the appearance of the application itself and the set of functionalities it provides can be found by clicking on DEMO KomBank WEB 3.0 (username: demo, password: demo)