Dinar Savings

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Komercijalna Banka receives Dinar deposits at favourable interest rates and according to your different needs.

You can open a savings deposit account in every outlet of the Bank in the name of an adult or minor person, or a person under guardianship.. The Bank will open and maintain your Dinar savings deposits for you free of charge.

The Bank will maintain retail deposits in RSD (local currency, without additional indexation.


You are at the right place. Choose the terms according to your needs.

The Bank offers you the possibility to deposit Dinar savings for the periods of 6, 12, 24 and 36 months.

In order to set term on local currency funds minimum deposit must be RSD 5.000 RSD. You can dispose with the funds upon expiry of the agreed term. 
The client, holder of the fixed term deposit under the terms set forth in the previous paragraph, shall reserve the right to be informed by the Bank 15 days before the expiry of the set fixed term about the period to which the Contract shall be extended and any new interest rate, and about the client’s right to terminate the Contract no later than 30 days as of the day of receipt of such notification, without compensation and with the interest stipulated for the expired fixed term. 

Savings deposits with a fixed term shall be automatically transferred to on  dinar account upon the expiry of the initial term. Upon maturity of the last deposit, the savings account shall be automatically liquidated.
In exceptional cases, the payment will be possible before expiry of the agreed term with adjustment of interest and in accordance with the conditions specified in the Contract in question.

For the local currency deposits, interest is calculated and accrued in Dinars, according to the Decision on Interest Rates of the Bank.


Review of the interest rates in effect from 15.03.2021.:


Interest rate (per annum)

6 months


12 months


24 months


36 months



NOTE: Nominal interest rates are equal to effective interest rates and are provided per annum. The Bank applies fixed interest rate on term dinar funds according to the compound calculation method.


Representative example


Local Currency Savings Standing Order

Save without coming to the bank.

Savings by Dinar savings standing order enables the clients to make the local currency savings deposit which suits their needs, using the local currency standing order to set aside an amount from the inflow on current account, without going to the Bank.
Create your terms for saving, to the amount and time intervals in which you wish to increase your savings deposit, and we will make sure that your savings plan is implemented according to the specified dynamics.

Standing order