DinaCard Credit Card

Issuing DinaCard Credit Card

In order to become a beneficiary of DinaCard credit card it is necessary to complete an Application Form, take it to a company in which you work to be verified and then bring it to the Bank’s branch in which you have opened a current account. An Application Form can be obtained in all branches of the Bank or downloaded from the Bank’s website.

A beneficiary may opt for making a deposit in foreign currencies as a security instrument and in that case and Agreement will be signed for FX savings account.

For issuing basic and additional cards, the Bank charges membership fee (quarterly) and issuing expenses according to the Bank’s Tariffs.

Membership fee for the first quarter and issuing expenses will be paid by direct debit of a beneficiary’s current account at the moment a relevant card is issued.

Delivery of DinaCard credit card and PIN code information to beneficiaries will be carried out through registration branches, i.e., branches in which a relevant beneficiary has opened a current account.  

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