Custody Bank Operations

Komercijalna Banka performs the following types of operations:

-       Opening and managing of the joint custody accounts for investment and voluntary pension funds, investment companies and natural persons;
- opening and managing of the securities accounts (proprietary and other accounts);
- activities with respect to scheduling and holding the General Meeting of Shareholders and shareholders’ representation;
- registration of shares and other securities in the Central Registry;
- dividend payment.

Documents required for signing of Custody Services Agreement

Natural persons submit copy of the valid ID document / passport and original for perusal.

Legal persons submit to the Bank the following documents:
- Decision of the Business Companies Registry Agency on the registration of the legal subject, 3 months old at the most;
- Decision on Assigning of Tax Identification Number – PIB;
- Extract from the Registry of the Statistical Office;
- Data on persons vested with special powers and responsibilities;
- Data on the person responsible for working with the Bank;
- Authorised signatures form;
- List of authorised signatures (if the person is Komercijalna Banka’s depositor);
- Other documents prescribed by the Bank.


Notification to those who have the right to a compensation for the seized property in the form of advance damages and in the form of government bonds, on the basis of the Decision on Compensation of the Restitution Agency

This is to inform all the people who have received a Decision on Compensation from the Restitution Agency, that they can open all the necessary accounts:

-       dinar account,

-       special-purpose foreign currency account,

-       proprietary securities account,

in the branch network of Komercijalna banka AD Beograd throughout Serbia ( a list of branches is at the end of this notification).

For all additional information you may require, please call:

+381 11 333-9022

+381 65 9560-753

+381 65 9568-353

+381 11 333-9393


or send an email to:



Tariff Rules Custody from november 2016