Custody Bank Operations

Komercijalna Banka performs the following types of operations:

-       Opening and managing of the joint custody accounts for investment and voluntary pension funds, investment companies and natural persons;
- opening and managing of the securities accounts (proprietary and other accounts);
- activities with respect to scheduling and holding the General Meeting of Shareholders and shareholders’ representation;
- registration of shares and other securities in the Central Registry;
- dividend payment.

Documents required for signing of Custody Services Agreement

Natural persons submit copy of the valid ID document / passport and original for perusal.

Legal persons submit to the Bank the following documents:
- Decision of the Business Companies Registry Agency on the registration of the legal subject, 3 months old at the most;
- Decision on Assigning of Tax Identification Number – PIB;
- Extract from the Registry of the Statistical Office;
- Data on persons vested with special powers and responsibilities;
- Data on the person responsible for working with the Bank;
- Authorised signatures form;
- List of authorised signatures (if the person is Komercijalna Banka’s depositor);
- Other documents prescribed by the Bank.



Tariff Rules Custody from november 2016