Crucial Performance Indicators

Komercijalna Banka has achieved the greatest successes in the last decade, reaching a market share of more than 13%. We are leaders in savings deposits; we are on the top, or at the very top, by the size and the territorial coverage of the network, number of customers, account holders, employees ... We are particularly proud of the confidence that our citizens gave us by entrusting us their savings. Nearly a fifth of the total foreign currency savings is deposited in our bank accounts. And as time passes, the leading position is additionally determined. Thus, for example, of the total growth of savings in Serbia in 2015, exactly half refers to the growth of savings in Komercijalna Banka.


In 2015, Komercijalna Banka continues to build its market share primarily by insisting on quality - offering our customers all the more comfortable, better and cheaper products and services. And as an integral element of the business engagement, the Bank has intensified its participation in CSR projects oriented towards the future, especially in the "Together for Babies."


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