Corporate Responsibility

Komercijalna Banka’s staff can be proud of their achievements in the area of financial services – which we express in figures. We can also be proud of development and improvement of the Bank’s organisation and, especially, corporative responsibility segment.

Komercijalna Banka expresses its position in the best possible way through socially responsible projects.  Such projects show that the Bank sees all its clients and partners as members of Komercijalna Banka’s family. That is a natural outcome and reaction to our perception of  the environment that fully confides in Komercijalna Banka, seeing it as its own, with all the values that form priorities in the system of value of the socially responsible citizens and companies. 


Global Compact of the United Nations

Komercijalna Banka forms a part of the first generation of the Global Compact signatories in Serbia. UN Global Compact strives to improve the ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption. 


The Ten Principles of the Global Compact

Protection of human rights, where businesses should::

Principle 1: support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights and

Principle 2: make sure that they are not complicit in human rights abuses.


Labor, where businesses should:

Principle 3: uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining,

Principle 4: eliminate all forms of forced and compulsory labor,

Principle 5: effectively abolish child labor and

Principle 6: discrimination in respect of employment and occupation.


Environment, where businesses should:

Principle 7: support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges,

Principle 8: undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility, and

Principle 9: encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.


Anti-corruption, where businesses should:

Principle 10: work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.


UN Global Compact – 2008 (pdf)
UN Global Compact – 2009/2010 (pdf)
UN Global Compact – 2011 (pdf)
UN Global Compact – 2012 (pdf)
UN Global Compact – 2013 (pdf)
UN Global Compact – 2014 (pdf)
UN Global Compact – 2015 (pdf)
UN Global Compact – 2016 (pdf)
UN Global Compact – 2017 (pdf)
UN Global Compact – 2018 (pdf)
UN Global Compact – 2019 (pdf)

Komercijalna banka – CSR ACTIVITIES

Year 2010

40 years of Komercijalna Banka – 40 good things

In celebration of 40 years of Komercijalna Banka’s business, we launched the action called "40 good things" with the participation of all employees of the Bank. Aware of the role and responsibilities to the community in which we operate, without which we would not be who we are; we wanted to show our gratitude to that community with 40 socially responsible activities, through which we have:

- Helped 40 people from Vranje to get a job within the "Life Aid", launching the production of healthy food in school canteens this district;

- Rewarded the best 40 students of Economic Schools with laptops;

- Planted the 40 sycamores in the Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra St;

- Provided 40 gift packages for families who have the most "cricket savers";

- Donated 40 sets of IT equipment elementary schools in the least developed municipalities in Serbia;

- Spent 40 hours for the various types of community services, such as afforestation of bare land and cleaning the city parks, educating citizens about banking services, blood donation, volunteering in institutions that care for orphans and the elderly ...

„Life Aid“ Project

Through joint action of Komercijalna Banka and „Life Aid“ NGO from Vranje, a student cantina was opened in the Medical College, where ten women were employed full time, mostly single mothers and women who had a very difficult life. Considering that 1000 meals of healthy food are prepared in the school cantina daily, another 30 people were also employed, mostly for cooperation; people cultivating healthy food in the region of Vranje Municipality. For the needs of kitchens, we supplied a delivery truck to transport food to elementary schools in villages surrounding Vranje. 

Vranje, 40 good things

40 laptops for students

The best students of Economic Schools in Serbia, upon the proposal of the branch managers in cooperation with the school headmasters and educational councils of the schools, were awarded with 40 laptop computers.

40 laptop computers to the best students of Economic Schools in Serbia


40 sycamores for Bulever Kralja Aleksandra St

The Bank decided to involve in the project „One sycamore – a sign that you love Belgrade“, whereby funds were collected to purchase 415 seedlings of sycamores, to be planted in Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra St in Belgrade. 40 seedlings of sycamore, gift of Komercijalna Banka, were planted in a row, starting from the corner of Bulvar Kralja Aleksandra and Golsvortijeva Streets.

40 years of the Bank – 40 sycamores

40 gift packages for the families that have most „cricket savers“

150 savers from 40 families were awarded with Visa Gift cards, each to the amount of 40 Euros, in the Belgrade Zoo, symbolizing the 40th anniversary the Bank was celebrating.

Birthday party for Cricket Savers

40 computers to elementary located in the most undeveloped municipalities of Serbia

Elementary schools from the most under-developed municipalities were donated with 40 sets of IT equipment comprising of the computers, multifunctional printer and monitors. The computers were donated to schools in Kosjerić, Velika Sugobina, Velike Pčelice, Gornja Sabanta, Žagubica, Petrovac on Mlava river, Braničevo, Kušić, Rekovac, Studenica, Tutin, Deževa, Karajukovića Bunar, Akmačići, Jabuka, Kratovo, Osečina, Mionica, Medveđa, Vučitrn, Lebane, Vranje, Merošina, Žitorađa, Kaplari, Konjuh, Zvečan, Novo Brdo, Krupanj, Zavlaka, Donja Borina, Bešenovo, Vizići, Radinci, Boka, Bela Crkva, Gakovo, Kruščići, Feketići, Koceljeva and Sajani.

40 computers for elementary schools


Volunteering project in the Bank’s network

Branch Kraljevo – part of the park near Gerontology Centre in Mataruška banja was decorated.

Branch Užice – 400 seedlings of spruce planted in Jelova gora, near Užice. The action was also attended by the retired employees of the Bank.

Branch Kragujevac – Project to educate the public on banking services, through socializing with children in kindergartens and schools, with citizens in local communities and associations of pensioners.

Branch Subotica – forty hours of the community service our colleagues dedicated to cleaning and adaptation of the Centre for children with disabilities called “Kolevka”.

Branch Zrenjanin – Pines, cedars and plums were planted in the town park in the centre of Zrenjanin.

Branch Niš – Voluntary blood donation as part of the action „Your five minutes, someone’s entire life“.

Branch Vršac – As part of the action „Let’s clean Serbia“, the employees cleaned the riverbank of Nera, at the location of its joining with Dunav-Tisa-Dunav channel, and then flows into the Danube. This area is known as „Labudovo okno (the Swan’s Well)“, included into the protected natural resources.

Branch Novi Pazar – Forty hours of voluntary work in the Special Hospital „Novopazarska banja (the Spa of Novi Pazar)“.

Branch Požarevac – Afforestation of the resort „Čačalica“. On the same day, the Office of Public Health organised free medical examination for people of Požarevac, and the employees of Komercijalna Banka presented gifts to the elderly citizens who came for examination.

Branch Kruševac – Voluntary blood donation as part of the action „Your five minutes, someone’s entire life“.


Branch Valjevo – Interacting with people with disabilities and children with special needs from clubs for people with disabilities and day-care for children with special needs.

Year 2011

Continuation of the projects and achieved results in 2011 confirms that the Bank assessed well the potential of the projects unfolding in the previous year.


„Life Aid“ Vranje

A new facility for production and sale was opened in the centre of Vranje, where another 3 women from the socially threatened families were employed. New agreements on delivery of pastry were entered into with Medical School, Centre for Social Protection, BAT Company, and elementary school Vuk Karadžić from Stajevci in Trgovište municipality. The women who were interested in additional education and obtaining certificates in the pastry industry got educational support.


Support to persons with disabilities

Sponsorship of the manifestation „Games without frontiers“ for children with disabilities who live in care homes for children in Serbia, involvement in the Civil Association's action „Orphan children“ aimed to help the children without parental care, cooperation with the Circle of Serbian Sisters, involvement with the UNICEF Friend Club, help to the team of the sitting volleyball club „Fenix“ to travel to the competition in the Netherlands, supply of the apparatus for early detection of deafness of babies for the Medical Centre of Serbia, involvement in the action of raising funds to send children with Batten disease to be treated in China.

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Customization of the web site of Komercijalna Banka for blind and visually impaired

Web site of Komercijalna Banka was fully customized for blind and visually impaired in 2011. The entire content of the web site was simplified and customized for programs that enable the blind to read texts from the Internet at the address

We are investing into the future

Komercijalna Banka celebrated the World Savings Day by a campaign called "We are investing in the future." Instead of a big media campaign that would promote the service and savings according to which we have been a long-standing leader in Serbia, we transferred the leased media coverage to the organizations and campaigns that deal with, or refer to the most vulnerable groups in society.


Television advertising space and advertising space on billboards, was leased so that it would be transferred to humanitarian groups that deal with broader social issues, such as care of the new-born, the disabled, domestic violence and the problem of HIV. Due to this unconventional manner of advertising, Komercijalna Banka was being contacted daily with more and more charitable foundations and community groups offering their materials for broadcast. For the first time, the most vulnerable social groups had the ability to place ads in prime commercial terms and convey your message to the largest number of people. Komercijalna Banka was even approached for help by some ministries.


So the campaign "We are investing in the future", which put the needs of people in Serbia at the first place, has grown into a real movement. The results of this campaign have told us the following:


- In humanitarian organisation that deals with assisting persons with disabilities in mental development „Heart of Child“, the number of positive contacts with firms from the local sector increased by 36%, and 15 children were adopted;

- Organisation that fights human trafficking „Astra“ increased 25% increase in received SOS calls on the phone number for help and support to human trafficking victims and their families;

- The Campaign „The Battle for the Babies“ aimed at purchase of incubators for prematurely born babies increased the number of its donors considerably;

- Blogger started to donate the space on their web sites.

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„Battle for the Babies“

Komercijalna Banka joint the action „The Battle for the Babies“, started by B92 Fund, by donating tree incubators, and took upon itself to require the assistance of the companies and individuals in order to provide another 100 new incubators for prematurely born babies in Serbia. The incubators donated by Komercijalna Banka were sent the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Clinic of the Clinical Centre in Niš.

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„School for talents “ Komercijalna banka

In the spirit of the campaign, "We are investing in the future," Komercijalna Banka has become the main sponsor of the project of the City of Belgrade "School for Talents", a unique project dedicated to young talents of the Eastern European region that is of the national importance for the Republic of Serbia. Project supported and promoted multi-talented secondary school young people who may one day become bearers of progress of the country and our best ambassadors in the world.

School for talents


Exhibition of Milan Konjović's paintings

Komercijalna Banka helped to organize the exhibition of paintings of our celebrated painter Milan Konjović, whose works of art were declared the national treasure of our country. A retrospective exhibition of painting under the name „Creativity of a Century” took place in the gallery of Serbian Academy of Science and Arts from July until September 2011. In cooperation with Milan Konjović gallery, Komercijalna Banka enabled people from Belgrade and their guests to enjoy in these extraordinary works of art of one of the ultimate Serbian painter of the 20th century for two months.

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Year 2012

Cooperation with the elementary school „Dušan Dugalić“

Komercijalna Banka has been a friend of the elementary school for children with special needs „Dušan Dugalić“ for many years, and it constantly participated in the activities organized by this school on occasion of celebrating the Week of Children, Eastern.... The goal of these manifestations is to include children with special need into the society, through improvement of educational work in various areas – art culture, ecology, musical education.

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Supporting people with disabilities

We have been a long-standing sponsor of international sitting volleyball tournament "Cup of Kikinda" organized by Volleyball Club of Disabled People "Fenix".

Donation of apparatus for early identification of deafness in babies

Department of audiological diagnostics, Clinical Center of Serbia donated the apparatus for the early detection of deafness in infants.

10 years of Branch Valjevo

On the occasion of 10 years of successful branches of Komercijalna Banka in Valjevo, we presented 100,000 dinars worth donations to the clubs of people with disabilities in this town. The donation was used to organize a school of photography for people with disabilities club members, on the subject of "public space". The school was managed by the instructors of the Photo Club Valjevo, and when it ended, a joint photo exhibition in the cultural and tourism event of "Tešnjarske večeri (Evenings of Trešnjarevo) was organized".

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Branch in Novi Sad took part in „Let’s Clean Serbia“ action

Colleagues from Novi Sad Branch were among the 14,000 volunteers in Novi Sad in the "Clean Serbia". Their task was to clean up the park near the railway station Novi Sad, in which they expressed as much as 20 bags of garbage.

Incubators for the maternity hospital in Trebinje

Komercijalna Banka AD Banja Luka, Trebinje donated a new incubator to the maternity hospital of the approximate value of 30,000 KM. The incubator was donated as part of charity event "Battle for the Babies" B92 Fund and m: tel Company.

„KomBank Art Hall“

Hall of the building of Politika in Belgrade was transformed into an exhibition gallery space, which hosted the exhibition of Milan Konjović in 2012, as well as the illustrations’ exhibition "12 environmental commandments" by Slavimir Stojanović, which constituted the part of the same project.


The second exhibition of the painter Milan Konjović, which was organized by the Komercijalna Banka, was named "Milan Konjovic: Back in Paris”; it presented 25 paintings of this famous painter from the period of his work in Paris.

KomBank Art Hall

Very ambitious project started in 2012, under key sponsorship of “Kombank arena”, which recorded the remarkable effects in the public. Thanks to its sponsorship, the Komercijalna Banka’s name is now tied with the greatest musical, theatrical and sporting events that bring together audiences of all ages, and made the Bank even closer to its customer and all the people of Serbia.
Kombank arena 

Year 2013

Komercijalna Banka helped organize a large number of cultural events and sporting competitions. We supported the organization of folklore parade “Vršački venac”, the third jazz festival called "Green Town jazz fest" and 21st theatrical marathon in Sombor; we also organized spiritual ceremonies of Raška in Novi Pazar, evenings of Trešnjarevo in Valjevo, concert of Amedeus ballet studio, which is traditionally held before the start of the Ljubićevo Equine Games in Požarevac, Autumns of Smederevo, ethno event "Autumn in Zlakuša", meeting of Vuk in Tršić, Šabačka Čivijada (humoristic event) etc. With our support another international sitting volleyball tournament was held "Cup of Kikinda in 2013". The aim of this competition is to provide athletes with disabilities the possibility to participate in international competition at the highest level, and that the club is "Fenix" provided an opportunity to achieve significant results.


Kombank plateau

In the environmental area and in cooperation with the municipality of Novi Beograd, we launched the project "Kombank plateau", which included the landscaped areas (a small park) in front of our outlet in in Mekenzijeva Street in Belgrade. Landscaping of the park is designed in accordance with the Bank's "close to me" slogan and this is one way of developing the image of the Bank, as a good neighbor who approached to the arrangement of that space in a different way, combining artistic expression with environmental aspects. The park was enriched with purple plants, stylized benches, etc.

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KomBank Art Hall

The gallery space in Politika building has hosted the following exhibitions: an exhibition of our architect, PhD Mihajlo Mitrović "50 Years of Architecture in Politika building", an exhibition of Kosta Milovanović’s comics "Izložba pasa (Dog Exhibition)" and an exhibition by two writers Zorica Bajin Djukanovic and illustrator Srđan Pečenićić "Četvtak za svica pesme (Thursday for the firefly song)". As of September 2013, the gallery provided for free to the students of the Faculty of Applied Arts for the exhibition of their works. By the end of the year in cooperation with the FAA the following exhibitions were held: of graphic design, of industrial design, the exhibition of drawings "Telo 4 (Body 4)" book prints and textile design. In this region, the Embassy of Portugal (Azules Portuguese) and the Embassy of the Republic of Iran (prints, miniatures and calligraphy) presented their cultures.

KomBank Art Hall


Support to Vršac athletic club

Three sporting forums were organized under the name "Women's side of sports". The aim of the organization of these forums is to educate and motivate women to be more involved in sports.


Donation to „Sveti Luka“ General Hospital

Funds for the renovation of the building and its premises were donated to the general hospital "Sveti Luka" in Smederevo. This hospital was built in 1928, and as a cultural monument it is a building-architectural object of great cultural and historical significance.


Synchronization of films for the blind

The funds were donated to the Association of the Blind "Homer" for the adaptation of the three films for the blind and visually impaired people. Films were shown on RTS channel, in the regular term for synchronized and adapted films that can be also watched by the visually impaired. According to the Association "Homer", the films for the blind that are shown on the RTS are watched throughout the region.


„School for Dads (Super-Dads) by Kombank“

In cooperation with the agency Olaf & McAteer the project was launched titled "School for Dads (and Super-Dads)", which aims to help men who recently became fathers and future fathers to manage better in the new role. It is open to all fathers, guardians and other father figures of the children under 12 months of age.


The traditional actions

Each year on World Savings Day, 31st of October, Komercijalna Banka donates to all babies born on that day cricket savings books, with a deposit of 50 euros in dinars. The action takes place since 2005, and every year we wish welcome in this way to about 150 babies.


Sponsorship of the series „I got talent“

In 2011, Komercijalna Banka became the sponsor of the popular series "I have talent", in which the at the end of the season the winner wins 100,000 euros prize money. That year, the winners of the series were Milica Djokić and Nenad Mahmutović, from Paraćin who won the crowd by dancing, and their victory is even more important since both Milica and Nenad are deaf. In this series they have shown that, despite hearing and speech impairment, they can achieve anything they want and that the handicap must not deny them the chance to live like everybody else. The brother and sister from Kraljevo, Bojana and Nikola Peković were the winners of the series in 2012, by her playing the fiddle and him the accordion. In the last season of the series, whose finale was at the beginning of 2013, the winner was Katarina Kovačević from Negotin, student pharmacists, who competed in singing.

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Donations of scrapped equipment

All used computer equipment of Komercijalna Banka is donated to the institutions throughout the country, after the reparations. Our computers and printers can be found in a number of primary and secondary schools, health and humanitarian institutions, local administrations.

Year 2014

„Super-Talents 2014“ Competition

Publishing house Samizdat and Komercijalna Banka as friends of the project, organized the prized contest "Young literary super talent 2014", which is aimed at the selection and announcement of the three best novels by young authors (12 to 18).

Super Talents 2014


Help for flooded areas

After the floods which occurred in some parts of our country, Komercijalna Banka immediately responded by suspending payment of the commission for inflows to a dedicated account of the Government of Serbia and the Belgrade City for flood relief, and these accounts were added to the predefined accounts for payment through e-banking. Subsequently, based on the needs identified in collaboration with the Coordination Centre of the Ministry of Interior, money aid was to the amount of RSD 21,75 million.


In KomBank Art hall we opened a selling charity exhibition; the income from sales on the exhibition was also paid to the accounts opened to help. Within three days of the exhibition, 46 works were purchased and 115,000 dinars was deposited to the account of the Government of Serbia. Former and current students and professors of the Faculty of Applied Arts, married couple Kranjc who make underwater photographs, and a group of young artists that are called Silkscreen donated their works of art - drawings, paintings, photographs, posters – to be sold for the proceeds that was to be used for help the persons affected by the floods. Payments are executed 22 people. 3 Silkscreen posters, 17 paintings and oil on canvas by FPU students, as well as 25 photographs from the "Memories from the depths" series were sold.

Prices of these works ranged from 900 to 10,000 dinars. Interested visitors of the exhibition paid their money directly to the dedicated account of the Government of Serbia to help the flooded areas, and then they were to bring the payment slip to the gallery and then take the works they liked. During the selling exhibition, the visitors of KomBank Art hall who sent a message to a dedicated number 1003, were given as a token of appreciation, a small poster of the Silkscreen team.

Press release


„Together for the Babies” Action

Komercijalna Banka joined another B92 Fund's campaign to help the maternity hospitals in Serbia. Since June the 1st, for every payment made by cards issued by Komercijalna Banka, the Bank donated 2 dinars for the reconstruction and equipping of maternity hospitals in Serbia. In this way, our customers had a unique opportunity to pay by any of their bank’s cards and increase the total amount that the Bank would donate to the restoration of maternity wards in Serbia. It is expected that in this way, through the "Together for Babies" action, in collaboration with the B92 Fund, over 2 million dinars monthly will be donated, as the average number of transactions in one month exceeds a million.

05.06.2014. Signed the charity action agreement „Together for babies“

30.07.2014. New appliances for maternity ward in Šabac

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30.07.2014. Maternity ward in Knjaževac received all the necessary equipment

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Year 2015

"Young Literary Supertalent 2015" Contest

Publishing house Samizdat B92 and Komercijalna Banka as friends of the project, organized the prized contest "Young Literary Supertalent 2015", which is aimed at the selection and announcement of the three best novels by young authors (12 to 18).

24/12/2014 Young Literary Supertalents 2015

25/03/2015 Awarded "Young Literary Supertalents 2015"

19/05/2015 Winning Novel From Competition „Young Literary Supertalents“ Published

07/07/2015 The Novel that Won Second Place in the Competition „Young Literary Supertalents“ Has Been Published


Social action “Together for Babies”

In 2014, Komercijalna Banka joined the action of B92 Fund for help to maternity wards in Serbia. For each payment made by the cards of Komercijalna Banka, the Bank is donating 1.5 dinars for the reconstruction and equipping of the maternity wards in Serbia. In 2015, clients of the Bank have a unique opportunity to pay by any of our bank's card and to increase the total amount that will be donated to maternity wards.

12/01/2015 Komercijalna Banka and B92 Fund Continue the Social Action “Together for Babies”

04/02/2015 Necessary Equipment Delivered to Maternity Ward In Kruševac

02/06/2015 Maternity Ward in Gračanica Received all the Necessary Equipment

27/10/2015 Maternity ward in Aleksinac received the necessary equipment


Year 2016

Social action “Together for Babies”

In 2014, Komercijalna Banka joined the action of B92 Fund for help to maternity wards in Serbia. For each payment made by the cards of Komercijalna Banka, the Bank is donating 1 dinar for the reconstruction and equipping of the maternity wards in Serbia. In 2016, clients of the Bank have a unique opportunity to pay by any of our bank's card and to increase the total amount that will be donated to maternity wards.

03/03/2016 As Part of the Action “Together for Babies” Equipment has Been Purchased for Maternity Hospital in Valjevo

17/03/2016 Donation to the Health Centre in Čačak

15/07/2016 Continued Campaign of Komercijalna Banka and B92 Fund “Together for Babies”

09/09/2016 Komercijalna banka and B92 Fund donated the equipment to the maternity ward in Kladovo

02/11/2016 Donated IT equipment to GAK Narodni front

22/12/2016 Ultrasonic device for maternity hospital in Višegradska St.

Project „Life Aid”

Komercijalna banka again joined the NGO „Life Aid“ from Vranje in their project of self-employment of socially vulnerable women, single mothers and the women placed in the Safe house in Vranje. After opening the kitchen for students in Secondary School of Medicine in 2010, where ten women found permanent jobs, mostly single mothers and women whose lives were quite difficult, the Bank has this year helped the expansion of stores that employ socially vulnerable categories, and these stores are a result of the activities of the NGO „Life Aid“.

08/08/2016 Help of Komercijalna Banka to the Residents of “Safe House“ in Vranje

Year 2017

Social action “Together for Babies”

In 2014, Komercijalna Banka joined the action of B92 Fund for help to maternity wards in Serbia. For each payment made by the cards of Komercijalna Banka, the Bank is donating 1 dinar for the reconstruction and equipping of the maternity wards in Serbia.


Year 2018

Social action “Together for Babies”

In 2014, Komercijalna Banka joined the action of B92 Fund for help to maternity wards in Serbia. For each payment made by the cards of Komercijalna Banka, the Bank is donating 1 dinar for the reconstruction and equipping of the maternity wards in Serbia.

Year 2019

Social action “Together for Babies”

In 2014, Komercijalna Banka joined the action of B92 Fund for help to maternity wards in Serbia. For each payment made by the cards of Komercijalna Banka, the Bank is donating 1 dinar for the reconstruction and equipping of the maternity wards in Serbia.

04/10/2019 Campaign “Together for Babies” by Komercijalna banka and B92 Fund in Ćuprij

25/12/2019 In campaign „Together for babies“, the incubator is donated to the General hospital in Pančevo

Other campaigns

In cooperation with partner companies, local governments, different institutions and individuals, Komercijalna banka participates in social responsibility activities in local communities.

01/08/2019 Vladimir Medan Presented a Donation to The Hospital in Pančevo

Year 2020

Social action “Together for Babies”

In 2014, Komercijalna Banka joined the action of B92 Fund for help to maternity wards in Serbia. For each payment made by the cards of Komercijalna Banka, the Bank is donating 1 dinar for the reconstruction and equipping of the maternity wards in Serbia.

24/01/2020 Incubator enriched General Hospital in Vršac

Year 2021

Social action “Together for Babies”

In 2014, Komercijalna Banka joined the action of B92 Fund for help to maternity wards in Serbia. For each payment made by the cards of Komercijalna Banka, the Bank is donating 1 dinar for the reconstruction and equipping of the maternity wards in Serbia.