Corporate clients

Who can open a current account with the Bank?

Everylegal entityregistered with the Serbian Business Registers Agency, the court and competent ministries on the basis of Articles of Association or on the basis of the law.

What documentation is required?

  1. Resolution on registration with the Serbian Business Registers Agency or with registers of some other competent authorities; a document enacted by a competent body regarding incorporation  if a customer is established on the basis of that document without registration with the Registers;
  2. Information of a competent body relevant to classification according to activities if registration number and activities are not indicated in the Resolution;
  3. List of Authorised Signatures at the  OP Form;
  4. Document on appointing persons authorised for representation if a customer is not registered with the Serbian Business Registers Agency or other competent authorities (act on appointing is submitted only for customers established according to the law or some other regulation or founded by the decision  of a competent body  – religious organizations, residential buildings and etc.);
  5. Confirmation of the customer’s tax identification number  -  PIB;
  6. Decision of the customer’s classification per size (small, medium or large);
  7. Photocopy of Articles on Association or Statute.

What services are provided to current account holders and authorized persons?

The following is available:

  • Quick and efficient execution of payment transactions within the Bank’s Business Network with minimum operating costs,  
  • Execution of electronic payment transfers 24 hours a day by means of modern electronic banking  channels,
  • Current account overdraft.

How much does it cost to open a current account?

This service is free of charge.

How much does it cost to keep a current account?

Maintenance fee is 130 dinars per month.

Authorised persons

Every person empowered by a legal representative of a legal entity to dispose of funds at the account.