Contact Center

One contact for all your questions!

By dialing the phone number +381 11 20 18 600* or 0700 800 900**, or by sending an e-mail message to address, you will be able to receive, in an easy, fast and simple way, not only all the necessary information regarding products but also all the help you need when using the Bank’s services 

If you want you can forward the Bank any of your suggestions and each of them will be carefully considered in order for products and services of the Bank and its Contact Center to be tailored to your needs as much as possible. 

If you think that the Bank does not adhere to the provisions of the concluded contract, or to sound business practices and/or does not comply with the published general operating terms, you can lodge a complaint by using Contact form . Personal data which you enter when lodging a complaint will be used by the Bank for the purpose of individual identification of the client and complaint solving, based on applicable Decisions of NBS:

  • Decision Specifying the Way Financial Services Consumer Complaints are Handled by Banks and Lessors and the Procedure Followed by the National Bank of Serbia upon Receiving Consumer Notification (RS ’’Official Gazette’’, no. 65/20011) and
  • Decision Specifying the Terms and Manner of Handling Customer Complaints by Banks (RS ’’Official Gazette’’, no. 85/20011)).


The information about procedure of filing compliant and protecting your rights and interests are available on the following link.

Check your account balance by one phone call!

The IVR of Komercijalna Banka enables the Bank’s clients to obtain on their own, without contacting the operator of contact center, the following information.

  1. Present current account balance
  2. Amount of approved overdraft
  3. Date of validity of approved overdraft
  4. Number of unrealized checks
  5. Foreign currency account balance
  6. Credit card balance
  7. Amount of monthly installment on credit card
  8. Available limit on charge cards
  9. Loan sub-account balance
  10. Amount of monthly installment as per loan

In order for indicated data to be protected, it is required to provide a certain security procedure. This implies that a client should login to interactive voice response by using date of birth and four-digit password, CC PIN, which can be easily and without any charge be obtained at Komercijalna Banka’s ATMs

In addition to above stated, at interactive voice response all interested citizens can find out the general information about the Bank, info about our services, current campaigns and exchange rate with possibility of establishing direct contact with the operators of Contact Center. Contact with the operator can be established by dialing the key 0 on main menu of interactive voice response, and the working hours of contact center for communication with the operators are from 08 a.m. until 08 p.m. on business days and from 10 a.m. until 03 p.m. on Saturdays.

Interactive voice response is available 24 hours a day, 365 days in year, on phone numbers +381 11 20 18 600 or 0700 800 900.

* standard tariff
** price of a local call