Beneficial tarrifs for payments and collections withing the group

Members of Komercijalna Banka Group, which, aside from Komercijalna Banka Beograd, consists of Komercijalna Banka Banja Luka and Komercijalna Banka Budva, introduced the beneficial tariffs for payments of services per customers’ orders, while some of the fees have been cancelled.

To manage the inflows in favour of the retail accounts opened with the banks from Komercijalna Banka Group, and by the customer’s order within the Group, we do not charge any fee.

At the same time, for payments by retail customers’ orders in favour of the accounts of the Group’s customers, we introduced a fixed fee amount of only 5 Euros, regardless of the amount of payment. 

In KB Budva and KB Banja Luka we greatly reduced the management fee amount for corporate customers, by orders that come from the customers within the Group, while in Komercijalna Banka Beograd this fee is not charged at all.  

We decreased the amounts of fees by corporate customers’ orders in favour of the accounts of the Group’s customers by at least 50%. In addition, customers within the Group are entitled to twice lower fee when purchasing FX funds for payments to their partners within the Group. 

The objective of introducing the beneficial tariffs is to value in practice the advantages of modernization of the operation and improvement of organisation of Komercijalna Banka Group and to encourage payments between customers of the Group, which will enable them to achieve considerable savings when using banking services, and instigate more new customers to join the Group.
Enclosed is the table with the review of fees for the Group’s customers.