Basic Current Account

We value your trust!

Current account is opened and kept in Dinars without additional indexation. The bank receives funds in current accounts with no time limitation and does not establish the minimum amount of funds that can be deposited.

The Bank does not charge fee for opening the current account. 
The Bank does not calculate and accrue interest on positive balance on the current account.

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Monthly maintenance fee for the account that had changes in the past three months comes to RSD 220. The above-referred basic fee includes the use of additional Bank services, web e-bank, sms, standing order, debit payment card.

Closing of the current account held with Komercijalna Banka is free of charge. 

Always in your neighbourhood!

Komercijalna Banka is a commercial bank with the largest network of outlets and ATMs in the country. In all outlets of the Bank, courteous and professional staff will serve you and answer all your requirements. 

One contact for all your questions!

A call to the phone numbers * 0700 800 900** or +381 11 20 18 600*** and sending the e-mail to will provide you with all the information on the Bank’s services and assist you in using them. Each of your suggestions will be carefully considered in order to adapt the Bank’s services and Contact Centre to your needs. 

* Telephone with tone dialling 
** Charged as the local call 
*** To call from a cell phone or from abroad 

Payment cards for every occasion!

If a client opens the current account, he/she will automatically acquire the right to use debit payment card. In addition to debit cards, by submitting the application a client can obtain other cards from a variety of debit, charge and revolving cards of national and international program, which will satisfy the most sophisticated client needs. 

Money – always at your finger tips!

You can withdraw the funds from your account cant on Komercijalna Banka’s ATMs 24/7, 365 days a year. You will only pay a fee for cash withdrawals at the Bank’s ATMs by using the credit cards. Withdrawal by other cards of the Bank is free of charge. 

You account – our concern!

Komercijalna Banka offers you the opportunity to settle your monthly obligations for you, by standing order set on the current account. Leave your obligations to us. 

Overdraft approval!

A client can submit the application for overdraft approval after the first payment of salary or pension. The Bank does not charge any fee for overdraft approval 
Overdraft is approved to a 12-month term, up to the maximum amount of an average inflow from salary / pension, increased by 50%.
The Bank charges credit interest to the amount of 31,75% p.a. Nominal interest rate on the approved overdraft is fixed and calculated by applying the compound method.

For calculation of the effective interest rate, the Bank included, in addition to the nominal rate, the costs paid by the client in the moment of submitting the application, as fixed costs, as follows:

  • RSD 246 for Credit Bureau Report in accordance with the tariff of the Association of Serbian Banks.
  • RSD 50 for blank promissory note form, in accordance with the tariff of the National Bank of Serbia.

Calculation of the effective interest rate is provided through a representative example to the amount of RSD 50.000 and the period of 12 months, in „Basic Current Account Overdrafts" section.

Be your own banker! 

Kombank on-line services give you the opportunity to use your Bank services while in the move. WEB E-Bank is a service that enables you to carry out all the financial transactions with the Bank via Internet, in any time and place, by use of the computer. Using the SMS service of the Bank will provide you with the information about all your accounts, inflows to the accounts i.e. use of your payment cards.

Loans for every budget!

The Bank offers cash, consumer, car and housing loans at the most favourable repayment terms.

Fast and quality service!

Fast and quality service in the Bank’s outlets and obliging tellers is what makes our clients happy. 

The procedure for current account opening in Komercijalna Banka is simple. 
You need the following documents to open the current account: 

For employees:

  • Confirmation from your employer on a regular payment of wages to the Bank or the Contract on payment of wages entered into with the Bank by the employer;
  • A valid identification document

For pensioners:

  • Decision of a competent Fund on payment of pensions or pension check
  • A valid identification document

For farmers:
I - who register their farm for the first time

  • valid identification document

II - with the registered farm

  • certification of registration in the Farm Register
  • details of the structure of the farm - status
  • valid identification document

For the persons that generate income on other grounds (Contract commissioning services, personal in-payments....):

  • Valid identification document