Komercijalna Banka won "Business Planet" award for the program of social responsibility


At the ceremony marking 10 years of publishing the Biznis and Ekonometar magazines, Komercijalna Banka received the award "Business Planet" for the most successful program of corporate social responsibility in 2015. The Bank has received this recognition for a project of rebuilding the maternity wards in Serbia under the "Together for the Babies" project, cooperation with Athletic Federation of Serbia and Taekwondo Club "Galeb", sponsorship projects promoting young talents, such as "School for Talents of Komercijalna Banka", competition for young writers "Young Literary Super talents 2015" and the organization of numerous exhibitions of students of the Faculty of Applied Arts in KomBank Art gallery. Furthermore, Komercijalna Banka excelled in its long-term activities to help the local community in all the cities where it operates.


Goran Milicević, Executive Director for Marketing of Komercijalna Banka, was presented with the award by the founder and chief editor of Biznis and Ekonometar magazines, Radojka Nikolić.


In addition to social responsibility, the "Planet Business" recognition is awarded in two categories, to a manager for many years of successful company’s management, received by Nelt Miloš Jelić, director of the company, and recognition for the successful entrepreneur, which was awarded to executive director of the fashion house Luna from Požarevac, Biljana Jovanović.



Komercijalna Banka is the winner of the traditional and prestigious awards Top Serbian Brands 2015.


The citizens of Serbia chose Komercijalna Banka as one of the favorite Serbian brands in 2015. The Bank won the flatering title of Top Serbian Brand in the category "Banks and Insurance". The award of these prestigious recognitions has been organized by Top Serbian Brands magazine, at the beginning of each year for the previous year, in 58 major categories. The winners are chosen solely by the votes of the citizens of Serbia, based on independent and objective survey, which was conducted from 11 to 28 December 2015.


Main criteria when assessing were:

  •       Brand recognition,
  •       Top quality,
  •       Clients’s satisfaction,
  •       Excellence in business,
  •       Business results.  


More details about the awared and prize-winners at this link.