Club of Economic Journalists named Komercijalna Banka the Bank of the Year     


Komercijalna Banka won the prize for the Bank of 2011, awarded by the Club of Economic Journalists within the project "Businesspersons and Companies that have marked the year". At the ceremony, on behalf of Komercijalna Banka Mr. Dragan Santovac, Deputy President of the Executive Board received the award.

The jury for the awards were economic journalists: Milan Ćulibrk, assistant editor of NIN magazine, president of the jury, Miša Brkić, editor of Novi Magazine, Mira Stevanović, editor of business supplement to "Danas" newspapers, Slobodan Kostić, editor of the economic column in "Politika", Tanja Jordović, news editor of TV Pink, Miloš Garić, editor of "Press" newspapers, Slaviša Lekic, editor in chief of the "Status" magazine, , Dragan Stojev, editor in RTS, Gordana Divnić, journalist of the Tanjug agency, Dragica Marinković, journalist of "Večernje novosti" newspapers, Zdravko Lončar, general director of E-kapija portal, Gordana Radović, editor in chief of the "Poljoprivrednik" magazine and Branislav Gulan, editor of the publications in PKS.

The statement following the award of the Club of Economic Journalists said, "there are bright examples of companies ready to cope with all sorts of challenges" in the year marked by the crisis in Eurozone and our country.

Receiving the award, Mr. Santovac stressed that the prize had an exceptional specific gravity, since the economic journalists, highly proficient professionals who knew best about the economic circumstances, and the most severe critics, awarded it. 


Global Finance Presented the Award to Komercijalna Banka as the Best Bank in Serbia in 2011


At a ceremony held on September 26th in the National Press Center in Washington DC, the representatives of the Global Finance magazine presented to the Deputy President of Komercijalna Banka’s EB, Mr. Dragan Santovac the award for the best bank in Serbia in 2011.

In the 18th consecutive year, the selection was made by the editors of the Global Finance magazine, published in 163 world countries, with the assistance of economic analysts, executive managers and banking consultants. The research included banks in 22 states of the Central and Eastern Europe. The criteria by which they selected the best banks were: the knowledge of customers’ needs, asset growth, profitability, strategic relations, customer relations, staff proficiency, price and service competitiveness, use of technology and product innovation.

Those banks that succeeded to maintain the level of quality and safety in often-unstable market conditions were proclaimed as the best, as stated in the jury’s decision.

Dragan Santovac said that the prize, which came from the magazine with a world-renowned authority and rating among the readers, represented an outstanding recognition for both the management and employees of the Bank, and for all its partners who contributed to such exceptional evaluations received by the Bank. The award is the satisfaction for the invested efforts and confirmed success, but we are confident that it will be another steady step in the direction of further improving the business quality and customer confidence, which gained us the prize in the first place.