May your every effort bear fruit

To the rich harvest and full barn one must make a lot of steps, cross a certain road. Komercijalna banka is trying to make crossing such road easier and shorter for you and also to provide you with safety at each and every step.
If you need the purchase raw materials and intermediary goods, to increase the arable land in your possession, to adapt or build new facilities, to raise plantation, expand the herd and modernize the agricultural machinery or realize other planned investments, Komercijalna banka has a solution.


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In all cases where the loan collateral is a pledge and/or a mortgage on real estate, the Borrower shall, upon approval of loan, bear all costs that may arise thereof: valuation costs, insurance costs, costs related to obtaining the certificates, permits, statements and decisions of the competent authorities, costs of pledging/mortgage, etc.

Dear farmers,

in case you need a professional advice or you have further questions related to agricultural loans, you can contact us by dialing the following phone numbers, or by e-mail of Contact Center: 

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