Advices for Payment Card Safekeeping and Prevention of Misuse
  • Keep your card in your purse/wallet or some other safe place  
  • Do not keep the card and PIN code together
  • Magnetic tape at the back of a card is very sensitive and it should be protected against physical damages (scratches), sources of electromagnetic radiation, and moisture.

In order to prevent the misuse of payment cards, please find below a few tips which will minimize the abuse of payment cards.


  • The PIN code is your exclusive identification number;
  • Nobody is allowed to use your card and  PIN code;
  • When you receive the  PIN code from the Bank, remember it and destroy an envelope with the PIN code;
  • Never write down the PIN  code (particularly not on pieces of paper and documents that you carry all the time);
  • If you have doubts that someone may know your  PIN, please contact the Bank to get a new one;
  • When you use an ATM, guard the display with your body while choosing display options and while typing your PIN, guard the keyboard of the ATM.

How to use ATMs

When using an ATM, it is necessary to pay attention to the surroundings and people close to you:

  • If someone close to you behaves suspiciously or indecently, pushes you or  watches what you are doing over your shoulders or does something similar to that  – do not make a transaction;
  • If you notice something suspicious on the ATM  (for example, additionally installed equipment) – cancel the transaction and immediately contact the closest branch of the Bank or dial the following number: +381 11 2018 521;
  • Do not accept assistance from anyone. If you are not certain how to use the ATM, contact the  Bank and we are going to provide all necessary information and instructions;
  • In all branches of our Bank, you can find leaflets which represent mini user’s instructions how to use an ATM;
  • When you complete the transaction successfully, put the money, the card and the slip in your purse/wallet or a bag;
  • If the ATM fails to return the card, immediately contact the issuing bank.

Points of sale, shops, restaurants and the like

  • When executing a transaction keep an eye on your card. This is particularly important in restaurants and shops where terminals are at remote places far from a cashier.
  • If a POS terminal is far away, insist with a salesperson that a transaction is carried out exclusively in your presence.